A Secret Way Of Getting Traffic


 A Secret Way Of Getting Traffic

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Ever had the problem that you are not getting enough traffic to your blog posts? Or maybe you have a website and want more people to find it. Lucky for you, there is this really neat way of getting free traffic! This article will show you how to get more web visits in less time without having to spend a lot of money. It's easy and totally free too! All you need is some time and one simple principle. By the way, this is not just for you if you run a blog, but also if you have a website.

Okay so step one in getting your free traffic is to have good content on your site. If you want people to come back and visit again and again, then having content that is helpful or at least interesting to your readers is vital. But what does it make good content? Well before we get into that, lets look at the other reasons why people come to your site anyway...

So why do people show up at your blog or website? To be entertained? To be educated? To be informed? Or maybe they are there as part of someone's marketing campaign (it happens). But whichever reason they are there, one of the main reasons they come is because they have found something they want to buy. But the problem with this is that it takes time to get them to convert. It's not just the fear of parting with money, but also knowing what exactly your product or service is. For example, if you ran a clothes shop, would you tell people "Hey, I sell clothes here? If you want to buy something just call me! Just leave your credit card details!"?

No. You don't want to do that, because you want to know what they are interested in buying before you show them. It's called a conversion funnel - the process of converting someone from just a reader into a buyer. So how do we apply this to blogs and websites?

Well it's simple. Instead of trying to convert people into buyers immediately, try to get them interested in your content first. Let them know what sort of things you like and then try to provide good content around that topic. For example, if I am blogging about football, then I will have lots of posts about sports in general, including videos and such. After that I will have a post about the history of football, and after that maybe a post about types of football or which is the best team. And then after showing them all this (and hopefully entertaining/informing them along the way), readers will naturally want to buy something from you because they know exactly what it is they want.

So how do you get people to read your content? Share it with people - share it on your social media accounts, have friends and family share it too. There are lots of websites and even blogs out there who'll share your content - just post a link to a post and they will automatically share it. It's very easy, just make sure you have permission from the site to do so (or ask first).

Another way of getting people to your site is by having a guest blog. This is where you get other people to write for you on your blog about whatever they like. For example if I wanted someone in the UK to write all about football I would ask them if they would be willing. Then I would give them all the information that I knew about football, like what games were on TV, which teams were playing each other and their records etc.


So there you have it. It's really simple, but if you follow the steps then you'll definitely get more traffic to your site. Another advantage of this is that you will build up authority around certain topics, especially if you have some expert bloggers writing for your site.

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