A Quick Look At Internet Fax Services


 A Quick Look At Internet Fax Services

Internet fax services provide the option to transfer images and documents from one fax machine to another. The service is useful if you are sending sensitive documents and need to avoid emailing them.

Some fax services like eFax offer an online automatic document feeder (ADF) that prints on a plain piece of paper, which is then scanned back into the system as a document ready for transmission over the internet.
In this article, we'll examine how some popular Internet fax services work and what their most important features are, so you can find one that works best for your needs.

One of the first things any business will have to do is decide which Internet fax service will suit their needs best.

Here are some questions to ask:
How many fax lines do I need? Will I be sending a lot of faxes? Would I like to pay with a flat fee or will an unlimited plan fit my needs best? What features can they offer that will help me with my business and how important are those features to me? Can I send and receive files with my Internet fax service provider (IFSP)? Is it important to have a dedicated fax line for transmission purposes?
Also, keep in mind that all services have different plans. Some charge by the minute while others charge by the month. Rates vary so make sure you read the information package carefully before signing up for a service.
Check the following websites to compare prices and features:
http://www.fax70.com/ http://www.myfax.net/ http://www.skytelonline.net/ http://www.freetelexpress.com/ http://www.interlink-faxeservices.com/
Selecting a service that offers special services becomes important if you will be sending lots of faxes or receiving digital files using your Internet fax service provider (IFSP).
Some of the special services offered include:
Automatic document feeder (ADF)   - IFSPs that offer an ADF will scan any printed documents received into your account. You can also upload and send files directly from your computer. Additionally, some services allow you to request that a fax be sent to several recipients at once, or all faxes for a one-off fee.  Voicemail messages - You can have voicemail messages sent directly from the other person's voice mailbox to your email inbox or phone as an attachment. Facsimile Broadcast – This is similar to a voicemail message but it is sent by fax instead. This allows you to send a fax to multiple recipients. Keep in mind that some of these features are only available if you pay for their service on a monthly basis, and some only work if both parties have the same service provider.
Acknowledging when a fax has been received
Some services offer an online acknowledgement feature which allows the customer to download a copy of all faxes sent through their website. This is useful so you always know that your fax has been delivered. Some websites also give an option to acknowledge receipt via email or to call the recipient and leave a voice message confirming receipt of your fax. They often charge extra for this service but it can be very helpful if you want confirmation that your documents have been received by the intended recipients.

The best way to choose an Internet fax service is to take your needs into consideration first, and then look carefully at the plans offered by different services. If you have any special requirements, it is a good idea to get all the relevant information before making your choice.
Keep in mind that some people use internet fax for security purposes and others use it to create convenience and save time. You may want an Internet fax service if you spend a lot of time in front of a computer or have a dynamic business that requires quick responses from clients. In this case, having the ability to easily send and receive documents electronically can be extremely useful for your business.

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