A Hot Trend For 2006 - Internet TV


 A Hot Trend For 2006 - Internet TV

You’ve had a day to binge watch Netflix, and now you’re starved for more. Better get used to it, because now there is internet TV.

It's like cable without the contract - only way better. Flipping through channels has never been easier with seamless browsing from one site to another. The experience is fresh and addicting, like surfing Youtube on steroids.

What’s that? You don’t know what internet TV is? Well, here's the skinny on the latest and greatest in 'online live television':

Internet TV: What is it?
Optimally, it’s a way to watch live TV channel online without paying a monthly fee for a cable contract. Satellite or cable networks provide Internet television as an add-on to their standard cable packages. Customers can pay less per month for premium channels such as HBO and Showtime with internet TV if they subscribe to selected TV packages.[1] You can also save money by selecting alternative channels with Internet TV. So, if you don’t care about National Geographic Channel, you can reduce your monthly bill.

The largest online TV provider is Comcast, which currently offers NBC, CNBC and MSNBC on their Internet Television Service. [2] Like cable television, Internet Television also includes bonus services such as Video On Demand and pay per view movies.
Internet TV: How does it work?
Similar to web surfing and emailing, all you need is a computer connected to the Internet with high speed or a smart TV with built-in internet capabilities.
There are currently over 30 internet TV channels, from major networks such as CNN to niche channels such as Mystery Science Theater 3000. Users can search online for channels on their favorite topics, sports or entertainment. They can also manually add their favorites by subscribing to the channel's website.[3]

Internet TV: How easy is it to use?
With a high-speed broadband connection, you’re ready to go! Relax and enjoy your shows without paying for expensive cable service. You will be able to access favorites like HBO or Cinemax through your browser and play any of your online videos through an app on your smart TV.
Globally, an estimated 16 million households are now using internet TV services. [4]
Internet TV: How much does it cost?
For technology savvy users, Internet television is affordable. Depending on the services offered, internet television can cost less than a streaming service such as Netflix and Hulu Plus. [5]
Internet TV: Is it Illegal?
Unlike cable television, most of the channels are available online for free. Legally, there is no need to employ encryption or pay a monthly fee for a cable package. [6] However, some channels that offer premium programming are also not available online - therefore you may need to subscribe to cable in order to watch everything you want.
When it comes to privacy issues, many of the networks believe their viewers deserve certain safeguards against piracy or unauthorized distribution.

Internet TV is an alternative for cable TV. It’s a great way to watch live TV online without having to pay a monthly fee. As more companies begin to offer Internet TV, there will be more options and more low-cost live television programming available.
Similar to the rise of Netflix in television, we could potentially see other online streaming sites trying to expand their reach into live television through their own internet TV service.
When you have the first mover advantage, you may be able to keep your current customers while adding internet viewers as well. [7] How? Provide an alternative that is similar yet cheaper than your competition!
However, this may be easier said than done because digital distribution technology is already progressing rapidly.

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