A Good Web Site Is a Web Site That Works!


 A Good Web Site Is a Web Site That Works!

Internet Explorer works on Windows Phone.

This is a classic example of how to overcome writer's block.

Ha ha ha ha, very funny, but you have to at least pretend to care about the reader! You're not going to get any readers that way. They'll see right through you! 

Article Submission Site Targets Authors Seeking Publishing Opportunities
Literary magazine’s open submission process seeks original fiction and poetry from unpublished authors in all genres including science fiction, fantasy horror, romance and more. 
The University of Hartford’s Writing Center has opened submissions for the first-ever issue of its literary magazine, Catalyst: An Anthology in Progress. The theme for the issue is “3AM.” 

It should work this way for all submissions. Please stop wasting our time.

A new site from the creators of Writing.com, WriterAccess offers a myriad of tools - and it's all absolutely free. 

Article Submission Sites
I think we've established that fictionpress is not an article submission site, and that literary magazines are not article submission sites (because I'm sure there's no such thing as a writer who specializes in writing for literary magazines).
The Submission Page, for a short while the biggest site in the world (reaches more than 26,000,000 people a month), has now shut down. 
The purpose of this site was to provide an opportunity for writers to have their work seen and read. 
But a site that only offers exposure is not conducive to long term success. And it would be nice if writers could find out what people thought of their story or poems before paying money for ads and placing their writing on sites solely focused on exposure.
Consider an alternative: add your stories or poems now via CreateSpace Publishing. This is another US based print on demand publishing company that creates books using Ingram's distribution network. The added bonus is that it costs you nothing to create your book, and you can sell it on Amazon. And when you use their distribution services, they don't charge for printing or shipping. 
What's more, they're in the process of adding PDF e-book versions to their distribution network.
And just as with Book good and other print on demand sites, as far as CreateSpace are concerned your book becomes available for sale worldwide from day one. So if there's a market for your work, they'll find it - without you having to pay a penny in advertising fees or hiring an expensive publicist to get your work noticed. 

The Submission Page Reviews & Interviews
Jeffrey M. Keeble is an author who is known for the way he writes. When you look over some of his works, you can see how well he understands things and presents them to others. He knows how to get a point across without making the reader feel like they're being clobbered over the head with it. 
Read more at The Submission Page Reviews & Interviews

Article Submission Sites - Who's Reading Your Article?
If you post an article on a site that's not designed to be read, no one is going to read your article . 
The sites that make money by forcing your article to the top of a hit list are not designed as reading sites. Nor are they intended to be read sites. They're for promoting your work, and if your work is especially good then there may be some people there who will read it. But you'll have no idea how many people are reading, or what they think about what they've read - because you won't see any comments. 
And the more you post on sites like this, the greater the chances that you'll get discouraged when no one reads what you write - because no one will care enough about what it says to bother leaving a comment.

The bottom line is that you should be willing to pay for quality. The fact that a web site or magazine offers lots of exposure does not make it a good resource. And you should expect to pay for quality. 
You can read more about the value of your work at:
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Article Submission Sites - How Much Do They Really Accomplish?
You may have noticed there's not a single magazine on that list. And no blog sites either...and the reason for this is simple: it's because the best way to get people to read your articles, poems and stories is by submitting them to magazines and blogs as well as article submission sites.

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