A Close Look at Halloween Masks


 A Close Look at Halloween Masks

Halloween masks were always your favorite part of the costume, weren’t they? Wearing a mask provides a thrill that's different from any other part of the act. And since so many people today make their own costumes year-round, you can have one for every occasion.

Whatever the origins are for your fondness for masks, it's worth taking a closer look at what makes them so popular. Halloween masks that are not only a great source of fun, but these masks can make you play the part of any character you want.


Masks have been used since ancient times for both ceremonial and ritualistic purposes. These masks were made in order to shield the identity of priests and ancient deities so that their true identities remained secret. The early use of masks was very much like modern masquerade events, in which the participants wear disguises. The masquerade is a very symbolic form of masking, whereby the mask wearer would become a new individual with a new personality, thereby allowing the wearer to shed their everyday identity. However, the modern masquerade is not as a common as it used to be. The modern usage of masks is related to the idea of anonymity, especially in regards to the internet. On websites such as Facebook and Twitter, everyone is known by their handle or screen name. In this way, everyone can pretend to be who they want to be without any consequence.


Although masks are an ancient art form that dates back 2,500 years B.C., most myths surrounding their creation are folk tales that have been passed down since time immemorial. For example the Brazilian Negros believe that devil faces once existed and were killed off by one of the gods like a bat or vulture . These masks were said to ward off the devil and bring good luck. Thus, according to our pre-historical ancestors, masks were used as a magical spell that could ward off evil spirits.

Masks are also associated with soldiers during wartime. During World War II, German soldiers wore face masks in order to identify the enemy. This would allow them to determine who they were shooting at and therefore which side of the war they may be fighting for.

Modern usage

The modern meaning of masquerades still holds true today for many people, especially those who participate in theatrical performances and celebrations like Halloween in which they dress up as different characters that help create a theme or atmosphere for the party or gathering.

Masks are also used for dramatic purposes such as to portray one’s alter ego or personality. The best examples of this usage is in the film, The Mask , in which the main character is a man who wears a mask that transforms him into an evil killer. It is during this movie where the idea of disguising your true self with a mask to mentally protect yourself from what may happen later on in life is greatly explored.


It is clear from the above information that there has been many different uses for masks throughout time. Although their original purpose was for religious purposes, they have since evolved into something more meaningful to all of us today. We may use them for fun and entertainment, or we may use them to portray our inner feelings to others without having to be judged. Only you can decide what is right for you, but I assure you that masks are here to stay.

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