8 Steps To Irresistible Email Copy Every Time


 8 Steps To Irresistible Email Copy Every Time

When it comes to email marketing, what separates a good copy from an excellent one? On average, only 2% of all emails in circulation are opened and 3% are clicked through. This means that only 1 out of every 20 emails sent will ever get a response.

What could be the best way to ensure your email can create a positive action like this? Allowing your subscribers to take some time to read online before clicking through, of course! Additionally, you should utilize irresistible language that hooks your audience from the start. This 8-step process includes topics like: "Your day just got better" or words that motivate readers make sure they open and send your email.

Step 1: Write From The Subscriber's Perspective

The format of your email template should be geared towards the subscribers. Personalize your email by using a pleasant greeting and a clear sign off. Use their name with words like "dear" or "dear customer." For example, you could say something like, "Dear John, thank you for registering on our site…". This will make them feel as if they are getting an individualized message, instead of just another piece of spam. Additionally, make sure your e-mail is easy to read by the subscriber. Avoid making them scroll down too far because it can get frustrating for your readers to maneuver around the e-mail content.

Step 2: Add Excitement Through Action Phrases

Use words such as "click now", "download now" or "start here" in your e-mail signature. These phrases will make sure your prospects will open the email and read it through. They are also strong synonyms for action words that will make sure your subscribers take some action. For example, you could use words such as "action", "take action", "time to act" or "stop wasting time". Your subscribers are unlikely to even read a specific paragraph of text if they feel the need to take some kind of action at first glance.

Step 3: Use Headlines That Hook The Reader

A headline is the most important part of any e-mail marketing campaign. It is also arguably the hardest to write. You will need to make the headline so powerful that it will draw in your subscribers no matter what they are doing. Any combination of words such as "big", "exciting", "new", "free" or "easy" can work well when coming up with a good headline. These words have become so overused that they have lost their meaning. However, you still can use these to create headlines that grab your audience's attention quickly, and then hook them for longer than necessary to read the rest of your content.

Step 4: Use Openers That Prompt Actions

Use phrases like "your day just got better", "start here" or "download now" in the first sentence of your e-mail to make sure that your subscribers read through. These words are strong triggers for action. For example, you could say something along the lines of, "Your day just got better with these free tips on getting more clients and…". Once again, if you use these words in a good sequence to begin your e-mail copy, then subscribers will be impatient for more and they will open and read through quickly.


Once you have completed these steps, you can go ahead and send the e-mail. Make sure to always send emails at the right time for your prospects and customers. Once again, make sure that your e-mails are readable by the subscriber, because we want them to read and open our content without getting frustrated. Our final tip is to remember that most emails are stored in their inbox until they are deleted or place in a spam folder. Email marketing is a constant work-in-progress. You will not always get it right on the first try, but you can see how effective it is when done properly.

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