7 Levels of Internet Marketers


 7 Levels of Internet Marketers

The internet is a big place and there is plenty of information to be found. There are many people, even experienced people, who are still relatively new to the marketer game and haven't yet learned how to level up their skill sets. From the beginner level and all the way up until you reach mastery level 7, your skills will improve as you learn more about how to utilize various aspects of marketing moving forward.

This article will cover seven levels of marketers that exist in today's world; levels that have been around since before the internet was created. There is a noticeable change between the five levels and the six levels that one needs to know about in order to reach mastery level 7. Let's take a look at each level and what it has in store for you.

Level 1: The Novice
As you move from novice to beginner, your online skills are still very limited but you're starting to learn more about SEO, blogging, search engine marketing, social networking and email marketing. In other words, you've been taught how to employ less-than-effective marketing strategies because you haven't learned much yet. You're still green in the marketer game and most of your efforts are not paying off.

Level 2: The Beginner
As you move from novice to beginner, you have a little more experience but you're still relatively inexperienced in the marketer game. You understand certain concepts such as blogger outreach and creating effective articles but they take forever for each piece of content to rank well with search engines. This results in it taking much longer to get a return on investment (ROI) for your efforts.

Level 3: The Intermediate Marketer
As you move into intermediate marketing, your content is starting to rank well with search engines but it still takes time to do so, just like in the previous level. You still have a few places to improve before you reach mastery level 3, but you've been mastering the basics since day one. You have an intermediate understanding of marketer game essentials that can help you speed through your journey to success.

Level 4: Master Marketer
If you're at this level, congratulations! You have mastered many aspects of the marketer game and are now able to write content for search engines. Within this level, there are several components that make up your product offering where the marketer game shines. You understand how to properly utilize blogging platforms and know how to properly optimize blog posts on a regular basis so they perform well with search engines.

You know how to create a killer sales funnel so that your prospects are attracted to your offer, close deals and become loyal buyers. You've mastered the basics of copywriting and content creation so you're starting to see higher returns on the time and money you put into your business. You still have areas in which you can improve, but your efforts have paid off thus far.

Level 5: The Internet Marketer (IM)
If you are at IM level, then you know all about how the internet works and how to make it work for you. Your strategy involves different aspects of marketing related to search engine optimization, social media, email marketing, kick-ass copywriting skills and many other related marketing strategies.

You know how to properly write articles for search engines and other platforms, so you can move them up the ranks. You can handle social media marketing to a certain extent and have been able to pick up multiple aspects of email marketing with ease. You've mastered the basics of copywriting skills, so you're writing content that performs well on all platforms, not just search engines.

Level 6: The Internet Marketer Master (IMM)
If you are at IMM level, congratulations! You have become a master marketer and know exactly what works best for your marketplace. You have a full understanding of search engine optimization, social media marketing and email marketing so you know how to write content for all of these platforms.

You know how to take several steps forward with every piece of content you put out so that it ranks high in the search engines. You've learned the details behind creating effective sales funnels that convert well for your business. You are able to clearly explain complex ideas on blogs and other sites so your customer base is growing steadily, day by day.

You also know how to copy correctly each time, so you're able to write clean content that works well across the board. You know how to be efficiently creative with your writing so you're able to communicate better with your readers. This is level 6 of the marketer game.

Level 7: The Internet Marketer Guru (IMG)
If you are at the IMG level, congratulations! You have truly mastered the marketer game and know exactly what works best for your marketplace. There's no guessing when you write and it's hard to think of anything you haven't executed well before. Your copywriting skills are top-notch, so everyone who reads your content can tell that you're a talented writer.

Your social media presence has gotten a nice following and your email marketing is some of the best in the industry. You've also figured out the best use for blogs and related marketing platforms for your industry. You've been able to teach others about the basics of the marketer game so that they can start doing things for themselves.

You're able to make sure your prospects are getting appropriate value from their purchase, free trials and even newsletters and other deals you offer them. If you're at level 7, congratulations, you have become a marketer guru!

Conclusion: The Marketer Game Level 6 is what many marketers want to master because of its many benefits. You still have knowledge of numerous aspects of marketing but not fully mastered all of it. You can still optimize your content for search engines and optimize it so it does well on all platforms. You also know how to create a killer sales funnel so prospects get converted. You will have learned different aspects of copywriting, but you may not have acquired the advanced copywriting skills that a guru has.

There are many other reasons why you're starting at level 6 and working your way up to level 7, but those are beyond the scope of this article. If you would like further clarification on why you're at level 6 right now, leave me a comment below and I will try to help you out!

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