6 Internet Marketing Myths


 6 Internet Marketing Myths

1. Running PPC campaigns are a waste of time
2. I should never pay for advertising - people will find my website without help
3. Social media is a necessary part of marketing
4. Marketing automation helps your business without you having to do anything
5. My company needs to be on the first page of Google results for all keywords and phrases in order to succeed 
6. To succeed online, I must post on social media at least 10 times per day

If you believe any of the above are true about internet marketing then you are severely damaging your business. All six myths are false and have no basis in reality. 
In this article I will explain why these myths are detrimental to growth and success, and provide solutions to help you succeed online.
For the purpose of this article we will focus on only 6 common myths that hinder many business owners from achieving success online. It is however important to note that there are many other things we believe to be true that simply aren't true! Here is a short list of some more common Internet Marketing myths that can be found at http://www.internetmarketingmyths.com/common-internet-marketing-myths/

Running PPC campaigns are a waste of time - This myth is a very common one in the world of Internet marketing, and it is also one that results in businesses losing out on potential customers. It's fair to say that with the current saturated state of the PPC marketplace, organic search results are more likely to be found than paid ads. However, there are certainly paid advertising platforms that can work well for businesses who take the time to find them. These platforms include Bing Ads and Yahoo Search Marketing . For small businesses, PPC often proves to be quite effective because of the simplicity and low cost. Pay-per-click advertising allows businesses to choose which keywords they want to have their ad displayed for. This means that you can select keywords that are relevant to your business, rather than taking a chance on someone else doing so.
Let's also say that as a business owner you've been running your own PPC campaigns and have been disappointed with the results. The main reasons why you may be getting poor results from PPC is you are choosing poor keywords or bidding on competitors' ads. If you are trying to compete against other businesses in your industry then you will need to choose keywords with low competition levels . You should also be only running campaigns on popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. If you are running a campaign on Facebook, then you would be better off spending your effort on other marketing channels.
There is an old saying that "it's not how good you are at something, it's how much time you spend doing it!" This can just as easily be applied to social media marketing. Many business owners believe they need to spend a lot of time on social media marketing or they won't get anywhere. The reality is that, in most cases, the more time you spend on it, the less return you get. Instead of spending all day uploading photos and videos to Facebook , it is much better to pick your best content and post it as frequently as possible. This gives you the greatest chance of being seen by more people who are interested in your business. Social media should not be used for sales pitches or advertising, but rather as an opportunity to create a community around your products and services.
It is also important that any time spent on social media be done thoughtfully. Research your audience, their interest level and what they are looking for. In some cases, it might be better to provide a free sample of your product rather than ask them to buy it. In other instances, you may be able to offer a coupon or discount for using a social media channel in exchange for reviews.
My company needs to be on the first page of Google results for all keywords and phrases in order to succeed - This myth is also another common one and it is completely false. It has been proven over time that this is not true, and there are many ways companies can get on page 1 of Google faster without spending money on advertising. There are however many reasons why this myth can hold businesses back from success online. Many business owners believe that the first page of Google is the holy grail of success. This is not true at all and although it may be hard to get there, there are many ways businesses can get closer to it and succeed at doing so.
The number one reason why many people believe they need to be on page 1 is because they believe their website will be visited by only those who search with Google! In actual fact, your site may well be visited by customers who aren't searching for your company. Think of all the non-Google shoppers out there who you would love for them to visit your website! If you are having trouble getting traffic to your site, then I would argue that you are doing something wrong in terms of marketing. Your advertising and marketing efforts are the key to getting visitors. The quality of traffic you get is only relevant if you can convert them into paying customers.
A few other reasons why this myth may be hard to break include; All businesses have a leg up on Google because of their brand name - which meaning, if they search for your industry they will find your company. This is true, however it doesn't matter how large a company is, or how well known their brand name is, there are many small businesses out there who are succeeding at the same time. It's hard to get on page 1 unless you are spending money on advertising - This shows how little most people understand advertising and marketing. If your website is designed to be keyword focused then it will naturally appear for appropriate search queries as a natural authority. This is free advertising, and that's what online marketing can be all about! You need to be a 'big player' in your industry - If you have ever visited any of the search results on page one of Google you will find that there are companies there who aren't industry leaders and don't have massive budgets. There are also companies who have been on page 1 ever since Google began displaying results!
You don't need to buy keywords or rank on page 1 - Instead, you can focus on supporting pages and building links at no cost at all. This will bring you more traffic because your site has become a popular authority on the subject at hand.
You don't need to run PPC campaigns - There are many alternative options available to you that are all much cheaper and provide a great return. You can also use Bing Ads , Yahoo Search Marketing and for smaller businesses Yahoo Local Listings .
It's important to note that I am not saying these are right or wrong strategies. I am simply telling you what works for me, my business and my marketing philosophies.

My suggestion for anyone who hasn't gotten much success from social media marketing is to start experimenting and see what works best for you. I know there will be many different successful strategies that businesses can use to get their business up and running, so the best way to do this is simply try, try again. Keep testing different methods of marketing and see which ones work better for you.
Of course, there are some basic things you should know before even starting your social media campaign . Firstly, have a clear image in your mind about the type of person who will be reading and interacting with your social media pages.

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