5 ways how to be successful by selling online


 5 ways how to be successful by selling online

This is a guest post by Daniel Lett and he reviews 5 ways that you can break through the noise and be successful in e-commerce. He believes that simplicity is key to success, so his tips are easy to understand and apply.

1. Keep your product focused - try not to sell something too broad; but instead narrow it down into a specific niche with an engaged audience
2. Offer customer service - be ready for people's questions or requests for help, this gives them an emotional connection to your company
3. Offer something unique - give people a "one of a kind" experience with your products
4. Be accessible - make it easy for people to contact you and stay available in the forms of email, chat, phone, etc.
5. Play to your strengths - figure out what you're good at and do more of it; work on improving your weaknesses as well
I'd like to add one more thing: be passionate about what you're selling, whether it's a physical product or an information product. Your energy will come through when you talk about it, and that will attract people with similar interests.
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Updated: 22 Jan 2009 
My name is Johan Johnsen. I started InformationProductSource.com in 2003, while I was in college and although it's been slow going at times, it's become my full-time job in the last two years. It's been amazing seeing people come back for more information after I've helped them out, so it really is great that what we're doing is being put to good use.
I don't consider myself a marketing expert, but I have tried to include links to some of the more advanced learning material in this article because I think they're valuable for people who want to get better at this stuff. If you have any suggestions for good links, please let me know.
The first thing most people need to understand is the concept of demand. It's easy to talk about getting traffic if you are willing to make a statement like "We've seen 300% increases in traffic after we implemented such-and-such" or "we've designed our site so that we'll have so many visitors per day.

No matter what your goals, I think you'll find the information useful. If you have found this article helpful in any way, please let me know in the comments below and we can have a discussion about it.
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Yes, that's right... SEO can be used to attract organic traffic and lead generation ... even if all of your visitors are from Google (which they probably aren't).

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