5 Marketing Strategies That Will Increase Traffic To Your Website


 5 Marketing Strategies That Will Increase Traffic To Your Website

If your website’s traffic is low, don’t worry. You can use these five marketing strategies to increase the number of visitors who come to your site.

1. Increase Your Social Media Presence
The more people that know about your website, the greater the chances they will visit it in order to get more information or advice on what you offer. Make sure that you are posting on social media sites regularly with news about your business and relevant content or links to articles that might be interesting for followers and followers-to-be.  
2. Create a Quality Team
Someone who is engaging in your business’s social media will undoubtedly be interested in the quality of other posts that you have been creating. When you create a team, you have the opportunity to determine the quality standards that they use to create and post content. Your team should not only be able to provide relevant content but also demonstrate their willingness to put time and effort into your business online.  
3. Use Algorithms and Search Engines To Your Advantage
Having an individual posting on social media for your company does not mean that potential customers or clients will find them just by searching for your name or trademark. Use the latest tools to figure out how your business name or trademark is being ranked on all top search engines. The more people become aware that your company exists, the more people begin to seek you out. 
4. Keep Up-To-Date On Current Events
When you are creating content for your social media sites, be sure to include any important news related to your industry and/or related industries. These are easy ways to help others get informed about new developments without becoming too lengthy with text or writing long posts that only draw a few visitors in at a time.  
5. Monetize You Site With Ads
Even if you do not have any paid products or services for sale, it is a good idea to start selling whatever you can, even if it is an ebook. Use this ebook to provide some basic information on your business and link back to your site’s main page. These types of ads can be placed in many different spots on the page. Another option would be to offer a free report that contains information about your business and how others can benefit from the services that you provide when they visit your site.

To increase traffic, a website should be fresh, engaging and full of compelling content that addresses the needs of the target audience. The following strategies can help you increase your website’s traffic and increase the revenue that your business is able to generate by engaging with your audience.

Save time on the job site. Do you ever find yourself at a point where it’s time to submit a form or record some new content, but you don’t know what to type in? These free web forms are quickly becoming popular because they allow you to input information directly from your browser into a web page without having to open an application or go back and forth between pages.

Need more efficient forms? If you’re not using a form builder to make your forms more user friendly, you’re really missing out.

Still having problems finding the information that you need to submit? Use keyword searches in Google or Bing to find any related websites. It may seem redundant, but search engine optimization is king. You will find tons of websites that are relevant to your industry and therefore have relevant content, images, and videos that you can simply copy and paste into a blog post or email message.

Link building is a valuable tool for the purposes of increasing traffic. There are many options available to you to help you boost your search engine rankings. If your business’s website is very new and you are not yet well known, this may be difficult for people to find. In order to change that, start posting articles on relevant websites and then link back from these sites to your own site, as well as from other websites that have similar topics. When it comes to link building, it's all about the quality over quantity. Link building strategies are no different than any other marketing strategy .

Think about what motivates your customers. Is it a sense of belonging? Is it a desire for social status? Whatever the motivation, remember that you are competing with the highest level of marketing that there has ever been. You can use this to your advantage, but you must always be aware that because so many businesses have realized this, they have created incredible levels of competition. In order to stand out from the crowd, consider using such tools as referral programs or loyalty programs in order to give your customers even more incentive to continue coming back and referring others. From promotional materials and blog posts to email campaigns and webinars, the following strategies will help you keep your customers coming back for more over and over again.

Manage your email subscribers in order to increase the amount of sales you make due to your email marketing . The first step is to find out how many subscribers you have. You can do this on your website or with a tool like ActiveCampaign by taking note of the number of emails being sent and received and the number of bounces. The next thing you will want to do is start sending out an automated series of emails that will keep people coming back for more. For example, if you are promoting a new product that is now available, set up an email series that lets people know about it and come back every week until the end of time for an upcoming sale.

You must also understand that many of your subscribers are not going to make a purchase as soon as they subscribe. Add in lead nurturing emails to help your customers know more about your products and services. Once you’ve got the information, you can sell them on special offers or other items that could help them with their business.

Integrate surveys into your marketing strategy in order to improve customer relationships and increase revenue. The following strategies are designed to help you do just that: 

Create content based on the best way for customers to contact you. Consider hiring freelancers or even e-sales agents that can help you automate the process and save you time. As with any marketing strategy, content plays an incredibly important role in the success of your business, and when your content is shared across multiple networks, it greatly increases the amount of business that you will end up receiving over time.

Have a look at these strategies and use them to get more sales from the customers that you already have.


This concludes our list of the top 10 free marketing tools for small businesses. You should now have a much better idea of how to use these tools to increase your online visibility and establish a solid brand presence on the web. Keep this article as a guide for whatever marketing strategy you decide to implement so that you can focus on doing what makes your business unique.

As you can see, there are some pretty amazing tools out there that were created by people just like you. Most fell into one of these categories: SEO, social media, outreach, email marketing and content creation. Regardless of what area of business online marketing falls under, they all require fairly basic skills to be used effectively.

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