5 Big Internet Business Lies


 5 Big Internet Business Lies

There are many opportunities for people who want to create and sell their own product, be it a song, a podcast, or maybe an online course. However, there are also loads of scams that prey on the hopes of struggling entrepreneurs in order to profit from their misfortune. Unfortunately, you will see these scams everywhere you look on the internet. They are everywhere on social media and dating sites as well as on top blogs such as Forbes

It is difficult to avoid falling for these lies because they seem legit at first glance; however this doesn't change the fact that they are lies. Most of the time, they are lies that can easily be debunked with a simple ten minutes of research. There are five big lies that are frequently presented to aspiring entrepreneurs as lies.

1. Making money online is really easy and anyone can do it! Everyone knows the person who has made thousands making stuff on Etsy

· The Truth: Making money online is just as hard as making money any other way (except maybe for under aged children). It's true that if you are focused and determined you can succeed in making a living by selling things on Etsy or writing articles for blogs, but you're in good company because many fail too.

2. There is this easy to open an online store and make money!

· The Truth: There are a few ways that you could go about opening an online store; but there is no magic button to go buy your own product and start selling it. Some of the listed ones include: Preparing listings, following up with sales goes, completing prompts, pulling your own traffic, marketing your content and even sending out a press release.

3. You can make money online with a simple website and a blog!

· The Truth: You might be able to make a bit of extra money online with a blog depending on the topic, but normally you will have to mix in some other income in order to make decent money. If you are interested in making serious money from your website/blog then you will have to be willing to spend some serious time working at it.

4. You can spend just an hour a day at work and become successful!

· The Truth: In order for this lie to be true, it basically states that full-time professionals can start their part-time business with just an hour of their time every day. This just isn't possible. In order to have a successful part-time business you will have to spend much more than an hour a day working on it.

5. You don't need any kind of experience or special skills!

· The Truth: Making money online requires some kind of ability in order for you to make money and the amount that you are able to make is partly dependent on the skills/mastery that you have over your craft. Although there are different ways in which you can make money such as having your own ecommerce store, writing with SEO keywords, etc… these minor abilities will not get you very far because there are thousands of other people who know how to do what you do.


There are many ways to make money online, but in order to actually succeed you will have to be willing to work at it hard. This doesn't mean that you can't enjoy the process while you are working on it!

QUESTION: What's your biggest lie? Comment below!

Until next time, keep growing your income. Thanks for reading : )

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