4 Instant Tips for Running a Successful Internet Business


 4 Instant Tips for Running a Successful Internet Business

Running an internet business can be a tough job. But with this article, you'll be able to avoid certain pitfalls and strategies that will ensure your success. Here are the four tips for running a successful internet business:

#1 - Know what you want to sell
Know what you're selling before you start any type of marketing campaign (online or off). Knowing who your target audience is and how they buy will help guide your decision-making process and save time in the long run
#2 - Be consistent with your social media posts or blog content
Be consistent with posting content on social media in order to build up trust among followers and readers. Give people a reason to come back and check up on you.
#3 - Be online during the hours your audience is
What time do your audience like to be online? If it's later than than them, keep on working and don't be afraid to promote your business at night or early in the morning when they're not on.
#4 - Make a budget, stick to it and know where to invest
A budget will help you know what you can spend with and what you can't. Just because you have a budget doesn't mean that you should slack off. Invest in high-quality products or services and have cash flow reserves for unexpected expenses.
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By: Timo Parviainen, Assistant Manager of Community Partnerships at The Coca-Cola Company
The Coca‑Cola Company is one of the world's most recognized brands. In addition to significant operations in Mexico, Canada and the U.S., we have strong business interests in Australia, Europe and Asia.   Coke products dominate the packaged beverage market in these countries and are important contributors to the local economies where we operate. We are involved with a number of smaller initiatives that build on our core business by expanding beyond bottling into distribution, retailing and marketing.   Our Company has a long and proud sustainability tradition that includes a focus on six key areas: water stewardship; packaging and recycling; biodiversity; nutrition, active living and obesity prevention; climate change; and community investment. We are applying this tradition to our global business practices with the goal of creating shared value to benefit our business and society.   Coca-Cola Refreshments (CCR) is an industry leader in promoting recycling through its support of extended producer responsibility ("EPR") programs. These programs are characterized by product producers taking responsibility for the management of their products at the end of their useful life, including collection, treatment, material recovery or recycling.   CCR's global brand and leadership in the beverage industry provide us with the unique perspective to create a difference in communities. We know that, like us, many of our consumers are passionate about sustainable business practices. This guides our approach to sustainability in other communities, as well.   Our "Coke Zero for Women" campaign is one of many products we have developed in partnership with women's and health groups worldwide--exemplifying our commitment to reaching people where they live.   CCR believes that it is important to work closely with local stakeholders to make meaningful change occur at the community level. This starts with our local bottling partners, who help us understand how to best serve our consumers. We strive to create the most sustainable and socially responsible operations, while also generating the highest quality products for the people we serve.
By: Jody Winder , Marketing Communications Manager at Nestlé
Egg-cellence: The Future of Food is Here! 
Nestlé is committed to investing in new products that will help move the world forward by making sure that food becomes more nutritious and healthy. We are working hard on innovative products which can improve people's health and well-being. The other day I was discussing with a friend about soda fountains and how much sodium they contain in their drinks.

Conclusion :
The biggest companies have realized that the consumer power is too big to ignore. The consumers today don't buy what they see in television or hoard anymore, instead they buy on the basis of what they see on social media and read online. So Companies are investing heavily in creating awareness about their products through social media and online campaigns. They are even hiring Social Media experts who know how to manage social media pages and create branding using social media.
These trends clearly show that 2016 will be a great year for businesses for those who are able to tap into these new avenues for increasing their business sales and customer base. These were just some of the interesting facts I have noticed about marketing trends for 2016.

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