4 Great Reasons to Love On-Line Shopping


 4 Great Reasons to Love On-Line Shopping

If you love buying things online, this blog post is for you. It's filled with pictures of those great deals and prices we all love about on-line shopping! Come find out why you should be clicking instead of walking into the store!


The cost of gas is a pain in the butt, and parking is nearly impossible to find. Plus, when was the last time you actually found something good or something that fit that just 'felt right'? For me it was years ago! Now I sit at home on my computer after work and shop 'til I drop from comfy clothes to cozy slippers. I'm not talking about the on-line shopping oopsies because we all have those, but it's the surprise deals and savings that are getting me more and more.

So this year, I am going to shop more on-line. Here is why:

1. The prices... oh yes! The prices are amazing. Because of the online shopping, sometimes you can get things cheaper than in a physical store. For example: last year I did my Christmas shopping in December for most of my family and friends. I even got some things for myself. I got shirts and sweaters at $1.50 per shirt. That is a $50 savings on top of the high price of the shirt. It also means that when my friends and family wear those shirts, they don't have to pay shipping or wait for their package-- they just wear them!

2. Finding something new that you didn't know existed... I recently did an on-line search for 'ladies golf pants' and found what I wanted for about $50 cheaper than any retail store. I got a package of three-- not the usual one! When they arrived, I was in shock. They were so soft and comfortable that I just had to tell my husband, "These are going to be yours!" So now he has golf pants; it just took me discovering them on-line.

3. Being able to read the reviews and ratings to help you make your choice... There is nothing worse than buying something based on a picture or a description alone. Who has time for that anyway? I'd rather read the reviews and see what other customers have to say. This helps me get something that I know other people like, not just something the store owner wants to sell me.

4. Someone else takes care of shipping and handling... After I ordered some slippers from my favorite online store, they immediately sent me a confirmation email. Then a day later, another email came saying they shipped them and included a tracking number so that I would know exactly when they arrived. When I opened the box, the slippers were neatly in a little box with tissue paper. Now all I have to do is wear them!

Do you love on-line shopping? What are some of your favorite sites?

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you have a great day!

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