3 Marketing Myths that are Stopping you Succeed!


 3 Marketing Myths that are Stopping you Succeed!

Marketing is a complicated, multifaceted discipline. Marketing campaigns are complex and difficult to manage, especially considering the plethora of digital devices that are used daily. Some marketing myths persist in the industry despite their falseness and marketers' best efforts to dispel them — take a look at these three myths! 

1)  Every social media website needs its own marketing campaign 
2) Should I build my list or create free content? 
3) Social Media Content should be bland and boring to appeal to everyone. 

A lot of people believe that each social media website needs its own set of marketing campaign, but that's just not true. Marketing campaigns should be specifically tailored to whatever website they are being used on, because everyone uses these websites differently. If a user is more likely to share an article on Twitter over Facebook, then it would be better for the blog's SEO to get that article shared as much as possible on Twitter rather than trying to get the same article shared a lot on Facebook and not gaining any traction. The old saying "all press is good press" applies — if you're getting visitors from anywhere, then take advantage of that opportunity.

When it comes to content promotion, the simplest way for a blog owner to get their articles and blog posts shared is by simply creating great content. This content should be pertinent to the blog's niche or subject matter. If a blog is about hedge-fund business, then the content on that site should have something to do with hedge funds. The fact that marketers are so picky about exactly what they've written their articles about makes it very difficult for bloggers who have no experience in writing quality content. People who have some experience writing, such as copywriters and journalists, can understand how to write quality copy without being overly wordy or overly simplistic.

Social media should not be bland and boring. The social media marketing campaign should be tailored to the audience that the blog is trying to attract. The content of the articles shared will differ between Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and so on. These are all different sites with different users; one should try to understand how those users interact with the site they're going to be sharing their content on and create content suited for those users. 
The American Marketing Association works hard to dispel these myths in order to ensure that marketers hone their craft, so that they can obtain their organizational goals through marketing. The marketing association seeks to dispel these myths through the latest information regarding the latest marketing trends.

The marketing association also work hard to encourage professionals to join their organization and help promote what they do. They do so in a variety of ways, such as advertising campaigns. Many people get involved in different advertising campaigns in order to reach as many people as possible with their message.
Ways that the American Marketing Association encourages professionals is by encouraging them to take part of different quality programs that are offered; if a million bloggers are promoting content on social media, then this could be seen as spamming if only a few people took part in it. The association wants to make sure that everyone is taking part in these types of campaigns and not just a few people. The associations website also provides details regarding how to join various quality programs that are being run.
The American Marketing Association also has a blog where they have advertisements about different brands or companies, such as the McDonald's McJobs site or the Coca-Cola Fanta Creation Facebook page. These are ads that are seen by bloggers who may be in need of a job, so they may take the advice from these ads and apply for jobs on these pages. These organizations are trying to promote the careers of other marketers in order to make them feel encouraged and motivated to join the association.
The American Marketing Association has a lot of decisions that need to be made in regard to what marketing policies they're going to support. Some people believe that there should be more regulations about promotions, while other people want no regulations at all. These two conflicting beliefs about marketing give marketers a lot of room for deciding what they want by supporting certain advertisements or just disregarding the whole thing. The associations website also provides a lot of links for different forums where marketers can share their ideas and opinions about these conflicting beliefs.
There are also many myths about the way that marketing is carried out, for example if the marketing campaign isn't working just keep it going. The American Marketing Association also has many different campaigns that they've been running to promote how brand messages can be spread through social media. Sites taken from the American Marketing Association's website are:
The association is trying to promote the idea of advertising messages throughout social media and how these advertisements will increase sales for start-up companies. 
It's never too late to start improving your content and getting more views on your blog; it all depends on what you want to achieve through marketing. If you want to make your blog more popular amongst the general market, then you should be doing everything that can be done to promote your blog.
If you want to make your brand more popular than ever then we have a few suggestions for you that might help;
· Start a blog about the type of topic that your company is interested in, for example if your company is a health food website then start a blog about healthy eating habits. Because people can get attracted to websites like yours with content of this kind.
· Help out bloggers and share your content on their blogs through social media, because this will encourage more people to visit the blogs where they've posted their content and may be persuaded by them too.
· Try to carry out a contest on social media sites, by offering your customers something valuable in return for liking your page or sharing your content.
· Give loads of tips out about your product, because people love these types of services, and it will definitely attract more customers to you.
· Create quality content that is specific to your niche and make sure that it's really interesting for people to read, because if they're interested in something then they'll definitely share it on their social network. 
The American Marketing Association has plenty of blogs regarding the best way that bloggers can promote their brand or subject matter.


Marketing does not have to be a difficult job. There are a lot of myths that surround it, and it's estimated that roughly 80% of the people who use social media do not even consider themselves as marketers. It is important for bloggers to remember that marketing is, in fact, very important and it helps to get their product or service out there. By marketing their brand they can attract potential customers to them via social media channels like Facebook, twitter etc. However, just because you're using social media does not mean that you are a marketer.

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