15 Creative Photo Ideas


 15 Creative Photo Ideas

In this article, we'll explore the realm of creativity and show you 15 photo ideas! Nowadays, people are using Instagram as a way to express themselves creatively. From a simple iPhone photo to the most elaborate masterpiece, the possibilities are endless.

Even if you're not famous (yet) or an artist by trade, it's still very easy to be creative in photography with these tips and tricks! All that's required is for you is some imagination and the willingness to give yourself artistic freedom. The goal here is not to produce something that looks perfect or like what everyone else sees in their head when they think of "art. "

The goal is to create a photo that makes you happy. Creativity should be fun! It's an outlet for your emotions and the best way to express yourself. Each of these ideas will help you do that in some way, so let's get started! [ARTICLE CONTINUED]

Note: I've focused this article on iPhone photography, but most of these concepts can apply to any camera and even if you don't have a smartphone at all!

1. Shoot the world without the world seeing. This means taking pictures through glass or something else opaque. Windows work great, as do the tops of fences, boxes, or any other object you can think of.

The effect is super interesting as it's often hard to tell where the subject ends and the background begins. It's also a good way to find different angles!

2. Shoot the world through things that aren't transparent. Examples include shooting from behind a tree branch or waiting until it's dark outside and looking up at a window with your camera set to black-and-white mode!

3. Shoot into/onto something reflective like a mirror, body of water, polished surface, etc . This is pretty self-explanatory, but you can also use a reflective object as a frame for your photo.

4. Shoot someone in the eye . This is not recommended unless you're sure of yourself! The only way to do this correctly is to use a flash or reflector. You don't have to be standing right next to them, just aim the camera straight at their face. Be aware that even though it's not much more than eye-examining, it can be very awkward and kinda creepy if they're uncomfortable with it!

5. Use multiple people in one shot . This is a great opportunity to get different perspectives and show multiple sides of people/subjects.

6. Shoot objects from all directions . Don't just take a picture of something, take pictures of the thing from all sides! The only way it'll be truly complete is if you get shots of it from underneath if possible. [ARTICLE CONTINUED]

7. Show the same subject in different years . The only way to do this with smartphones (or even DSLR) is to shoot and upload photos regularly. Older photos won't look as good as newer ones, but if you have enough contrast, it can still look interesting!




nd of course, the first rule of creativity is to have fun! I hope these tips help you make more interesting photos on Instagram and if you've got any great ideas I didn't mention, be sure to include them in the comments. Thanks for reading! [ARTICLE END]

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