10 Tips To Generate Traffic To Realtors' Websites


 10 Tips To Generate Traffic To Realtors'  Websites

A blog post about generating traffic to realtor websites.

If you are a freelance writer, you know how hard it is to sell your work on the open market. You may have to go through numerous publications just to find one buyer for an article and, even then, you may not get compensated for your time and effort. If this rings true for you — or if it sounds like something that is worth exploring — read on and learn 10 ways how to generate traffic to a realtor's website.
"To write is to live." ~ Anaïs Nin
In the last year, I've written over 50 articles for two real estate company websites (see articles here — 1 , 2 ) and have made a monthly income of well over $1000 as a result. Here's how I did it. I'd like to share my experience with you and teach you my tips to generate traffic to realtor websites.
You can start your own writing business as a freelancer or build one within your current job.
How To Generate Traffic To Realtor Websites : 10 Tips
My #1 Tip: Start with an email list that includes prospects from the same niche/location as your potential clients. I have built an email list of over 500 prospects from the same location/niche as my clients. This gives me the opportunity to promote posts and generate traffic to my website directly, without having to rely on search engines. My #2 Tip: Start blogging about real estate topics that are relevant to your target audience. Real estate topics like buying a house, finding a mortgage broker, moving tips, etc. are all topics that fall under the umbrella of real estate blogging. You can find content ideas in Google News by searching for keywords related to your niche (For example: "buying houses" or "mortgage brokers"). This article discuss other ways to generate content ideas. My #3 Tip: Comment on other popular blogs in your industry. As a member of the community, you can comment on a blog post and engage with the blog's readers. This helps you become an authority and an insider in your niche/industry because potential clients will see that you are connected to their space. My #4 Tip: Build relationships with other bloggers in your industry by commenting on their blogs and sharing their content on your own website (with a link back to them). To find popular blogs, I use Alltop . But you can also get this list from Simply Measured or BuzzSumo . My #5 Tip: Write guest posts on highly visited websites in your niche. Offer a compelling reason why the editor should accept your article: provide a list of high quality links to your previous work, share a couple of articles you wrote that they might like, and offer valuable information or tips that will benefit their readers. It's also good idea to check the terms and conditions of the publication before you write for them because some may have strict guidelines regarding what you can and cannot write about. My #6 Tip: Craft blog posts that are packed with useful information for your readers.

Conclusion: Today I wrote a post about how to generate traffic to realtor websites. Read the article below to find out more about real estate blogging and 10 ways how to generate traffic to a realtor's website.
10 Tips To Generate Traffic To Realtors' Websites
Real estate is a huge industry, and there is a lot of competition between agents for business. While there are many different strategies and tactics that you can use in your search for clients, one strategy that seems to be working for many people involves blog writing. Here are ten tips on how you can write great blog posts and generate traffic towards your website:
1. Start with an email list that includes prospects from the same niche/location as your potential clients.

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