10 Powerful Tips for the Newbie Internet Business Entrepreneur


 10 Powerful Tips for the Newbie Internet Business Entrepreneur

The Internet has proven to be an incredibly powerful tool that can catapult you out of poverty, transform your life, and give you the opportunity to earn a living without ever having to step outside. However, in our attempt for instant everything, we have missed the point – that more often than not, it takes time and patience for anything worthwhile.

The article provides 10 tips for the newbie internet entrepreneur including how to avoid roadblocks at every step of your journey. You'll also learn what it takes to develop a business model and build a growth strategy from scratch without investing in expensive marketing campaigns or getting ripped off by other online opportunities.

Source: Business Journal

Title: Google's New Privacy Policy Is a Complete Shift to the Dark Side – Here's Why To Be Concerned About It

The internet giant has changed its privacy policy, and the results could be disastrous for you. Google has addedifications that could change your browsing experience completely. In this article, we cover everything you need to know about it. Also read: 4 tips on how to get better search engine ranking and 4 queries which boost your website traffic on the first page of Google search results.

The privacy policy has made a huge change in recent times, with half of all users in Europe having no idea what they're saying when they talk about their data. Because Google makes money through advertising based on your data, the company has to let advertisers know who you are.

Read about it here and be informed.

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Title: 4 Tips For Maximizing Your Online Sales This Christmas Season (Without Alienating Your Customers)

We all want to make a lot of sales online, but we often forget that our customers are human beings and not just faceless cash machines. The reality is that customers don't like being sold to – they prefer being educated. In this article, we will outline four tips on how you can maximize your online sales without alienating your potential customers.

Tip #1: Focus on content first and foremost. No matter how great your products are, if no one can find your website or if it's difficult to use, you're going to lose money. The thing is, when people come to websites these days they often have something very specific in mind – so make it easy for them to find exactly what they're looking for.

Tip #2: Don't annoy your potential customers. All too often companies seem to think that the best way to sell is by being as 'in-your-face' as possible, but this is a mistake. You need to engage with your customers by building trust and establishing yourself as someone who cares about their needs.

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