10 Cool Ways To Attract People To Your Web Site


 10 Cool Ways To Attract People To Your Web Site

Twitter is the way to reach people these days. But tweeting about what you do isn't enough. You've got to get targeted traffic and followers in order to grow a genuine following and make your website successful. You'll need free social media marketing advice, tools, tips, tricks, resources – and that's where this article comes in! Here are 10 tips for successfully building an audience on Twitter.

1- Follow An Influencer (Someone with lots of followers)
2- Engage With Your Audience On A Daily Basis
3- Make Fun Of Yourself - This builds trust with your audience!
4- Tweet Information - "A new study has found that ____".
5- Tweet Useful Information - "5 Tips For ____".
6- Include A Picture In Each Tweet
7- Get People To Follow You By Following Them. But make sure that you follow them IN THE BACKGROUND. Don't actually follow them yet… just add their Twitter ID to a list so they will get notified you are following them and they will check out your profile and hopefully follow you back!
8- Interact With Other Twitterers Often! Not only does this build relationships with influential people, but it will also keep your name on the tips of their tongues. When they tweet about their field of expertise, make sure to comment and interact with them – ask questions, provide insights, etc. You want to make yourself indispensable to them.
9. Engage with people that are in charge of industry organizations like these:
10- Don't be a jerk… be respectful and polite!
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The quickest way for a business to market its products or services is through email marketing .

So it seems like people, especially people in 2010, quite often use the internet (or some sort of online channel) to communicate socially with each other. As such, it is important that we create a social presence on the internet because this is the only way for us to attain our goals. However, despite this fact, not many people are able to achieve or even be aware of their social media presence. In fact, there are plenty of ways in which you can improve it and make sure that your presence on social media sites is noticed by others. With all these factors considered, I highly recommend that you read and follow the tips provided in this article because they will help you create a better social presence.

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