A Handy Solution For Beautiful Hands


 A Handy Solution For Beautiful Hands

I often find myself reaching for the sugar or salt as I prepare dinner and then getting frustrated when I see fingerprints all over the containers. Who needs that extra work? Not me! That's why I was thrilled to discover dishwasher safe glass spice containers on Amazon that fit perfectly in drawers. And with a few pennies worth of ingredients, you can create your own custom labels to make them look perfect in any kitchen.

These Spice Bags and Sauces are so convenient because they fit all the way into the drawers of my dishwasher. And with a little love, I can transform them into fun and clever kitchen tools like a coin-operated spice shaker for entertaining or a handy salt and pepper shaker!

No matter what the label on these containers says, they'll always fit perfectly in drawers as long as you don't mind fingerprints.

You can get these AmazonBasics glass spice containers in red or blue. They also come in elegant black with silver stoppers, which I consider to be the most stylish. The set of three has a variety of sizes and each one is $8.99 on Amazon .

For our project, I chose a label from the Dollar Store that reads "Fiesta" and attached it to the blue spice containers. It's a 99 cent package of labels shaped like sombreros. You could also go with Fiesta-themed labels or any other label with an interesting design. Dollar Tree also has neat labels designed for Yoplait ® yogurt and you can find them in the yogurt section for $1-$2 .

First I washed my cans thoroughly, removing all sticker residue as well as scrubbing off any rust spots or sticky messes that hadn't been entirely rinsed away from prior cooking adventures. I dried them completely and put a piece of masking tape on top where the labels go. I then traced around the cans for the perfect size and cut out my labels with scissors.

I chose three colors for my spice shakers: red, white, and black. Black is traditional but I also thought red would be pretty to use on breads or desserts while white looks nice and clean. I chose "Fiesta" because it's a fun name that will fit perfectly in a Mexican theme kitchen or to give a simple meal some flair.

How hard could this be? The answer is not only easy but essential if you want to add some personality in your kitchen without making an entire mess (like me).

I measured the masking tape on the containers and hot glued my labels in place on the front. Then I removed the masking tape, added a little more glue to keep it from peeling off, and let them dry. That's it!

To use these shakers, simply put your favorite spice inside, cover with a matching colored cap, and shake! The best part is that they fit easily in my dishwasher without getting in the way when I want to rinse out my dishes. It makes cooking simple so that I can spend more of my time enjoying family meals and not spending so much time later cleaning up after them.

And here's another project you might like. My daughter and I came up with these cute salt and pepper shakers as a year-end gift to ourselves.

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