3 easy steps to get that perfect tan using self tanning sprays


 3 easy steps to get that perfect tan using self tanning sprays

The sun is the largest producer of UV radiation, and the most common source for tanning. Since a lot of people are afraid to go outside for any extended period of time and want to have that perfect brown glow without being bothered by UV rays, they turn to overpriced self-tanners that often end up making them orange.

Even though these products can be really bad for you, we’ve put together this post on how to get a perfect tan without damaging your skin or spending too much money.

What should I use to tan myself?

There are many products available on the market that will help you get that perfect tan. However, powders, lotions and other things like that can really harm your skin if you use them wrong. There is a better alternative to these products – self-tanning sprays.

Self-tanning spray is easy to apply, it doesn’t leave any streaky marks and it also makes yourself look natural (unlike some self-tanners). Spray cans are made out of 30% water, and have 70% of DHA (the ingredient that gives you color), so in fact they are liquid tans.

The best thing about self-tanning spray is that it is very easy to apply – all you have to do is shake the can, point the nozzle in the direction of your body and spray lightly. As long as you are not putting too much, you’ll get that golden brown look within minutes. It is very important that you use 100% DHA free products only.

Here are some quick tips of how to use spray tans:

Before applying the tan: exfoliate your skin using a scrub (or a loofah), in order to make sure that all dead skin cells are off your skin (dead cells will make the tan look patchy).

Use an oil based lotion the night before. This will help you achieve a darker color.

Aim for your legs, ankles and knees rather than other parts of your body, as this is where the skin is thinner and therefore provides more surface area for your spray tan to work on.

Spray it in gentle circular motions. Do not wash off the can when you’re done, leave it with the nozzle pointing upwards so that any excess can be eliminated easily.

You will notice that some of the cans say “shower proof” or “waterproof” – those are not 100% true, however most sprays will last for roughly 6 hours in water if completely covered.

Never use self tanning sprays before tanning at the beach.

How do I wear my self tanner?

There are different techniques you can use when wearing a self-tanning spray. Some people prefer to apply it over their entire body, while others prefer to just spray on the parts that are visible to make them darker. Here are two different ways how you can use your spray tan: if you’ve got a big event like a wedding or party, then it is best to apply the tan over your entire body in order to look better. However, if you just want to get a darker tan in some specific places, then it is best to spray on those places only.

The spray is very forgiving and it will give you the exact color you want. For example, if you are going on vacation and want to get a darker hue, then apply the spray over your entire body before traveling (remember not to wash off the can). When you’re about to come back after being away for a week or so, simply remove the spray from everywhere except where you need it (like your ankles – this will make your legs look a lot more natural than if you used conventional self-tanning products because of how quickly the tan develops).

Another way in which you can use self-tanning spray is to first apply a tanning lotion to your body and then use this as a foundation. Applying the spray over your whole body will give you a darker color, which is perfect for days when you want to wear the sunniest clothes possible.

Final words on using self-tanner

Self-tanning sprays are safe, effective and easy to use, so don’t hesitate and try them out when they come out of the dollar store. Just remember that there is a small chance of skin irritation for some people if they use self-tanner incorrectly or overdo it. It’s best to practice how to apply it until you get a look that you like (remember not to wash off the can and leave it with the nozzle pointing upwards after using).

When done correctly, self-tanning spray can give you a darker color than a regular, set-in-place self-tanner. So, if you are looking for something that is more natural looking than other formulas on the market – then try this! It is also much more suitable for people who have sensitive skin.


Title: Best Self Tanner for Darker Skin (2019)

Verified Purchase. I found this product on sale and was careful to use it only in small areas and only when the need arose. You apply it on your skin like a moisturizer, very lightly. You leave it on about five minutes, then wash off like you would a lotion or moisturizer. It really does work as advertised and doesn't irritate your skin. I got a nice even tan for a few steps in my path to hollywood golden glow.


Self-tanner is very good on all skin types. It can also help you with your face, and that will make you look much better. There are also other benefits of using self-tanner, such as helping to reduce the appearance of scars to make you look a little younger.

If you want to have a uniform tan, then use self-tanners instead of going in the sun – but always make sure to exfoliate first! If you exfoliate before applying the self-tanner then it will not get patchy and it will look natural.

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