12 Tips for Eyeshadow


 12 Tips for Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow is one of those tricky makeup skills that no one can pull off on their first try. But with these 12 tips for eyeshadow, you're sure to turn heads wherever you go! From appropriate colors for your skin tone to how to blend the perfect smoky eye with these simple steps, this post will teach you everything you need to know about the art of applying eyeshadow. You'll finally be able to pull together a flattering look in minutes flat.

#7 - Lifestyle

Lifestyles are all about providing interesting insights and advice for readers on how to live a better life or achieve their goals. Post should be informative rather than opinionated.

#8 - Whats New

The purpose of this section is to showcase current and up coming events, conferences, workshops and gigs. This will be the space for you to showcase your upcoming wedding, birthdays and parties. You can write about anything that involves food or drinks in the lifestyle section. This could be a review of a new restaurant or bar opening up in town as long as you give the reader an interesting reason behind writing about it.

#9 - Family

This is a great section for sharing your passion about family affairs like weddings, christenings, etc. You can write about your experience in planning a wedding, tips and tricks to make the whole process easier or whatever you have learned from what you have been through during your own wedding.

#10 - Inspiration

This is where you showcase your personal style and how it is inspired by one person. You can write about favorite pieces of jewelry, clothes, make-up etc that inspire you. Don't forget to mention the designer or brand name if you are wearing the said item. This section will be great for sharing photos of your outfit on other days as well so that your readers can feel inspired to dress similarly.

#11 - Fitness

This is another section where you can write about the latest trends in fitness and dieting. You can share your favorite workout or nutrition tips. Share any healthy recipes you have tried and liked or share a health and fitness related story, how you have gone from not being able to move to building muscle mass.

#12 - Inspiring Quotes

Write a list of inspiring quotes that you have come across or inspire others with your words. You can use these quotes in the personal section of your blog to make it more personal and will add weight to your blog.

An award winning lifestyle blogger always leads by example. If you want to showcase your lifestyle as a professional, it is important to present yourself as such. Many bloggers have found this difficult initially, but the tips below will help you present your best self online and in your daily life.

#1 - Write About Things That Interest You

The most important thing a blogger can do is write about things they are passionate about. Writing about something that bores you will not lead to good results. Readers can sense when something is being forced, and they will go elsewhere for their reading pleasure. Writing about things that interest you will come through on the page and lead to more readers.

#2 - Be Positive

Also known as a "positivity bias", this is a helpful way for bloggers to keep their readers coming back to their blogs. One positive thing to do is start your day with something fantastic that happened that day. If you have not experienced a marvelous moment yet, write about what you will do next to make the best out of your day.

#3 - Share Your Expertise and Knowledge

The more content a blogger puts on their site, the more they become recognized and go viral. When you write posts that are about a particular topic, you become an authority on that subject. Writing about the things you love will help your audience recognize that you are knowledgeable in your field.

#4 - Share Research or Studies

It is important to be current when writing and sharing knowledge with others. Include links to studies and articles from credible resources and cite them properly so your readers know where they can learn more.

#5 - Write About a Lifestyle Trend

This will bring new visitors to your site because trends attract attention from those who want to know about the subject more. Find out what people are talking about and include it on your blog, giving them tips on how to make the trend work for them personally.

#6 - Blog About Your Passion

This can be about anything from a recipe you are obsessed with, how you garden, your favorite hobby or experience. In addition to sharing your passion, it is important to share these with others who feel the same way as you do. Share what drives you: the adventure of creating things, the joy of bringing people together and/or learning new skills.

#7 - Think Outside the Box (and Online)

Your readers are interested in topics that feel real; they want something familiar and relatable in their lives. To keep their attention, make sure that your posts are personal and passionate about something that is relevant to them. You can write about your clothing choices, from your favorite designer and why you like the pieces you wear to why a particular style is important for you. Use the personal experience to make it more relatable to your audience.

#8 - Have Fun

As mentioned before, blogging is not just about business. It is also about having fun in the process of sharing your passions with others. If you find there are things that make you feel happy or even silly, share those experiences on your blog for others who may be going through something similar and will find it inspirational.

#9 - Be Positive

Being positive is an important part of being a lifestyle blogger. It has been proven that people tend to associate people with things they like. When you are positive and upbeat, your audience will find it easier to understand your perspective on life and the topics you are passionate about.

#10 - Focus On Your Subject (But Not Too Much)

When you write about something that interests you, share it with your readers. However, if you want to keep their attention, remember that there is a difference between focus and obsession. Staying true to yourself is important if you want writers to remain loyal to your blog and what it has to offer them on a daily basis.


The way you present yourself on the Internet is important when you are a lifestyle blogger. You want to be taken seriously and not just seem like someone who has nothing better to do than write all day. Keep these tips in mind when blogging about your lifestyle; it will help you to gain loyal readers and draw more traffic to your site.

Chapter 9: Blogging for Beginners

Blogging for beginners is not as hard as it sounds because there are many options available. However, you should know the best way of beginning a blog easily and quickly, yet without any effort from you. Using this guide on how to start a blog will help you write more beautifully and effectively.

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