The Surprising Truth About Cold Calling


 The Surprising Truth About Cold Calling

Many businesses have an aversion to cold calling, since it can come across as rude and intrusive. It's true that cold calling can be difficult to get the hang of, but there are plenty of great resources out there to help you on your way. Here are a few websites and books that will give you the help you need so that when you do call someone on the phone, it'll be smooth sailing!

A lot of people seem to hate cold calling with a passion — some even go as far as assuming that they won't receive a single call back no matter how hard they try! Yet these people might be disappointed by their experience if they don't know what kind of advice and tips are out there for when making calls.

A good place to start is with Dan Kennedy, who has written a book called "No B.S. Guide to Cold Calling." It's perfect for getting you into the right mindset when making calls — it's a great read that gives you lots more information about how to get started with cold calling so that you're not apprehensive of doing it.

Another good book is "The Ultimate Sales Machine," by Chet Holmes. This book focuses on making sales calls and will help you feel more confident in your approach to those potential customers! It can really help you out in the beginning if you're finding that cold calling is something that's giving you trouble.

Another way to improve is with the website There are plenty of tips and tricks on their website, as well as video tutorials on how to make successful sales calls to potential customers! If you've ever wanted a more concrete way of making sales calls, then this is definitely a site you want to check out!

As previously mentioned — and emphasized — there are plenty of books that will help you out with your cold calling plan.

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