Private Label Water for the Hospitality and Lodging Industry


 Private Label Water for the Hospitality and Lodging Industry

A water crisis is happening and has some serious consequences. It is often seen as a big problem, but it really isn’t. This article will show you how to find a solution, create your own water sources, and live in peace with your family and friends before we all choke on the hazardous air around us.

Lately I have been seeing many articles about the importance of fresh water in our world. In fact one blog post even discussed how much we use over time in just our country alone.  I have also read many articles that say the main issue in our water crisis is waste. While I do agree that we waste a lot of water, I think the big issue is not water itself; it's what it becomes after it's been used.
Water is not a problem when it is fresh. We can use water at levels that are safe to drink without harm to ourselves or the environment. Water can simply be distilled into hydrogen and oxygen, which are not bad for us. Water can also be used in many industrial processes and can be recycled by making hydrogen and oxygen. We could use water in ways that are efficient and safe.
So why is water such an important need to have? If we don't have it, how do we live? One answer is that we don't live in the same world as did our mother's generation. We now live in a world with many more people, and they are not all kind people. I myself have had problems with rude people on many occasions when I go to the bar to buy food or drink water . People tend to be more aggressive, especially if they are drunk.
When you go to the store to buy a drink, you will notice that sometimes your favorite drink is not in stock. Sometimes the only drinks left are things like soda, or other drinks that have a bad taste . Even at bars and restaurants, many times you will find that the water supply has been turned off for some reason. This means you will have to wait for 15 minutes or more to get water, if they actually bring it out.
The problem is not going away, so why do we wait? We could start today making our own systems with easy instructions. All we need is good equipment and a little effort. We can build our own water systems with simple instructions anyone can read and follow . Even if you don't want to make your own water source, you can buy or rent for the time that it is needed.
Most systems start when you have a container of some kind like a bucket, storage tank, water heater, or a well. All of these containers will need to have a level so it can be filled properly and topped off as needed . This topic has been covered in great detail in many other articles which are listed below for easy access so people can choose the best system that works for them.
Aside from the container itself, you will also need to devise an around-the-clock maintenance plan . This means finding ways to keep track of your water supply. Many people will simply open up their storage tank, or take out the bucket, to see how much is still in their container. This is the first step in managing your water supply.
So now we have our container and we know how much it holds before it needs to be refilled. The next task will be set up different types of filters for your water source . Once you filter the water, you can use it for cooking or cleaning . You may even want to use a filter which will make the water safe for drinking as well.
Some people filter their water at home and use it to fill their containers. This works fine until the water becomes contaminated and you are forced to discard it. If you are going to make your own water system, I recommend buying a large container that can hold enough for a long time so that contamination is less likely .
Choose the type of container and how you will filter your water. You can buy the traditional way, which is filling with tap water, or buy a container that holds some already filtered water ready for use.
The next topic that needs discussing is how you will fill up your containers . Many people simply use tanks filled with tap water . However I would not recommend this in most instances. You could fill up the tank from your own well if you have one. If not, the next best thing is to use a storage tank filled with rainwater. Next, you can fill up your containers at homes or businesses who will let you take water from them.
The last topic in this article is about making sure that you don't lose your water supply . Once you have it filled, you want to be able to keep it safe from others who might want to take it from you. No matter what method of storage and filtering you use, a lock will work great on your container. Most large containers are going to have built-in locks , but small buckets and jugs may not have one available . You need to be sure to use the lock properly.
Water is a great addition to any homestead, especially one in the wilderness . The problem is not with water; it's what we do with it afterwards. Before we can get started on making our own water system, we have to start thinking about options for water storage and filtering. Then we will have a peaceful place in our lives where everyone will be happy and healthy .
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A(n)  "Sanitary Water Tank" (S.W.T. or S.W. Tank) is a small plastic tank that is used to store pure water on the go, serving as a portable, lightweight, and clean supply of drinking water for people travelling between locations or areas where finding potable (drinkable) water is difficult or impossible.
The Sanitary Water Tank can be filled with "dirty" (non drinkable) water from any source (river, creek, rain barrel, pond etc.) and filters out all microbial organisms leaving inherently safe to drink potable (drinkable) water . The system consists of two parts; one part being the actual reusable Sanitary Water Tank itself, and the second  part being the interchangeable filter cartridges used inside of it.

Conclusion : The S.W.T. is a common self contained water storage system that can be used at home, in your RV, and when travelling to remote locations where water may be scarce or not available for drinking .
The S.W.T. is a portable and easily filled water storage system that can meet the most basic of needs without the use of bottled water .
Sanitary Water Tank: Starting with the Sanitary Water Tank itself will help us to make sure it has everything it needs before we start putting things inside of it. This will also help to identify any issues with the tank itself before we begin filling things up with potable (drinkable) water .

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