Is Negativity Worth Reward And Recognition


 Is Negativity Worth Reward And Recognition

Have you ever been around a negative person all the time and wondered if they really deserve your attention?
I’m sure you’ve at least seen somebody who seems like they only bring negativity to their relationships with others. This can be hard to deal with especially if it’s happening to one of your friends or loved ones.
But are they worth it? Is negativity worth reward and recognition?
No, the truth is that negativity still feeds on a person and deprives them of positive aspects of life which should be in place just like any other quality such as intelligence, kindness, bravery, etc.
But despite the harm and ill will negativity brings to relationships, people still feel this urge of being with somebody who’s negative or antagonistic towards them.
Why? Because deep inside they believe that they can change this person, that they can be the positive influence and foster positivity out of them.
This is especially true for parents, friends and romantic partners who have been dealing with a negative person for some time. They would go out of their way just to try and make this person happy for their own sake even if it means sacrificing themselves in the process.
But behind the scenes, there is a secret reason for why negativity attracts positivity and why it is worth reward and recognition.
The real reason why negativity is so powerful
Why do you think people can’t simply get rid of negativity from their lives? Or even if they did, why would it come back with vengeance?
Why does negativity feed on itself to cause more harm in relationships than good? And when it gets rewarded for that behavior, [it] keeps coming back for more instead of being satisfied with what was already given?
The answer lies within the core of human nature. Humans are attracted to that which they cannot have, whether it be pleasure or pain, happiness or sadness. The unknown is what keeps their interest alive.
That’s why we go out of our way to see a movie that looks like it might be good or we read a book because it promises us some thrilling action or mystery. We search for the perfect person who can give us everything we need in love and relationships, but what we really do is attract someone who will push all of our buttons and try to drive us crazy.
When someone negative comes into your life, you try to make them feel good about yourself and want to compare their negativity with the positivity you can provide them. At the same time, you hope that they will turn around and become more positive just for your sake, but not for theirs.
Once they’re on the path of negativity and have done that to you, you can be sure that they will only be feeding off of your energy and continue on their own journey.
But if you are one of those who believes in the power of positivity, consider what you can do about it. You can create a ripple effect and turn the tide against all negativity. You can actually change this person by being a more positive influence instead of someone who continues to feed off of their negativity.
Just like how you can create a ripple effect in anything else you wish to change, you can also create a ripple effect in your relationship with negativity. Friendship and relationships are no different.
Don’t be afraid to say what’s on your mind because people who go the extra mile to be positive, especially those with positivity at heart, is always welcome when it comes to relationships. But again, don’t expect your negative friend or family member to immediately turn out that way.
Remember that although negativity attracts positivity, positivity has the ability of repelling negativity so that it doesn’t affect us directly as well as bring us closer together as friends and partners in love.
If you have a negative person in your life or have been one yourself, you can change but you must face the truth first: negative people are only happy when they feel negativity from someone else, so if you can’t beat it, join it.
All it takes is positivity.
Declare your worthiness and fight for what will make you happy.
Positivity can cure negativity just like negativity gives birth to positivity.
Be the positive influence that makes someone want to be better for themselves instead of better for their partner or friend. Be that positive influence who brings good into their lives even if they don’t want to change for themselves.
By choosing positivity over negativity, you can not only change your relationship but also change yourself to become the better person you always wanted to be.
Mentally, you can also change yourself for the better so that you no longer need a negative partner because you are your own best friend.
Jeffro is a sixteen-year old high school dropout who hates his parents and has no friends and he's trying to be someone he's not. He could use some help on being more positive about himself and life in general. Please drop him some lines at <>.
This article was originally published at Jeffro Books. Reprinted with permission.
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