With the abundance of devices that exist today, from phones to tablets to laptops, the debate of which is best has never been more heated. Some say laptops are better because they are more portable and can be used anywhere whereas desktops can only be used in one place. Others would argue that desktops have a bigger screen, it's easier to upgrade them when you need to, and they're cheaper to replace if broken. In this blog post I will give my opinion on which is better: Laptops or Desktops.

Through many years of experience with devices, I have found that desktops are better than laptops. First off, laptops are more expensive than desktops. If you want a big screen for a reasonable price you're going to have to buy it as a desktop. Laptops also don't offer much in the way of upgrades. You can add more RAM or change out the hard drive, but that's about it. Desktops these days can be upgraded by anyone who knows how even if they're not experts. And they are cheaper to replace if broken compared to a laptop which is much more expensive and requires a ton of effort to repair yourself unless you know what you're doing.

Another disadvantage of laptops is their smaller screen size. The screen on my laptop is 18 inches, which is really small compared to the 30 inch monitors I'm accustomed to using. It's a lot harder to work with a small screen because your eyes have to travel farther from side to side in order to see the same amount of information you would if you were looking at an actual piece of paper. And a bigger monitor consumes more power, so the battery life on my laptop doesn't last as long either.

I've also been using a desktop computer for about six months now and really like it. The extra money I have spent on my desktop has yielded much more bang for your buck than the laptop. It's a lot easier to upgrade because you can buy everything separately and install them one at a time rather than waiting for the motherboard to be replaced just because you need more RAM or hard drive space. A laptop has tons of bloatware and viruses that can be difficult to get rid of and it's much harder to clean out all the dirt that gets inside of it when you open up the case. Laptops are also more costly to repair and do not last as long as desktops. And desktops have a better keyboard, mouse, and monitor that make for a much better user experience.

In conclusion, I think desktops are better than laptops because they last longer and cost less to replace if broken. They have bigger monitors and a higher resolution, so it's easier on your eyes and you can actually see everything that is on the screen. Also, desktops have a bigger variety of accessories like speakers, graphics card (for gaming), hard drives (the HDD has way more space than the laptop's SSD), mice and keyboards for comfort reasons; this list goes on forever. This is just my opinion though of course. What do you think? Do you agree or disagree? Comment below. 
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*** "A NOTE TO THE READER " *** Don't get offended by what I'm about to say in this article because you may think I'm a laptop fan boy, but it's just an opinion and I would love to hear your opinion too which is why I wrote this article for others to share their opinions on the same topic.  I am not saying that laptops are not better than desktops because I've tried both. I've had a few different types of computers and laptops, but all of them either the case or the motherboard was messed up in some way. But the battery was not charged so I couldn't use it much and I was able to fix my laptop and keep it running for a couple months before it broke again. So, with that being said, if you have seen any articles or comments about this subject please let me know in the comment section down below. Thank you. Remy A. Gervais
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Conclusion :
The internet is full of rumors and opinions about desktop or laptop, but there is only one true answer. The answer depends on what you're going to do with your device. A desktop can be used anywhere you want versus a laptop which is only good for being stationary on one spot. And you can upgrade your desktop whenever you want whereas laptops have no upgrades except more RAM and hard drive space. So, the decision should really come down to how much money you can spend.

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