Instrument Technicians and Dual Trade Electricians – Highly Requested Professions in Present


 Instrument Technicians and Dual Trade Electricians – Highly Requested Professions in Present

Instrument technicians and dual trade electricians - the highly-requested professions, are in high demand right now. 
The dual trade electrician program is a less intensive two-year apprenticeship. It teaches instrumentation, controls, and automation to both technical apprentices and journeymen while providing a number of workplace opportunities.

Program requirements vary by company. Some programs require students to work on specific job sites such as hospitals or manufacturing plants where they can gain experience carrying out operations at different facilities; other programs have no set requirements. A dual trade electrician can complete the program while working full-time.

There are some benefits to being in a dual trade electrician program over other apprentice programs. For instance, technicians who continue in the field after completing their 2-year apprenticeship can work as both primary and secondary technicians as their employers require. They have also been known to advance through various promotions and take on the additional title of senior technician or supervisor, depending on company policies and what is required by the employer.

Computer and Information Technology
Computer and information technology (CIT) is one of the fastest growing industries in the country. They are offering very competitive starting salaries with benefits to apprentices who want to work for a company that values their expertise. The training is a combination of classroom learning and practical training including hands-on computer applications, software development, hardware design, networking, application support, networking technologies and customer service. Current demand for this industry is through the direct employment opportunities. Also many employers neglect certification though the reimbursements will provide some financial benefit to the apprentice as they advance in their career. 
Financial Services 
The financial services opportunities include Mortgage Industry, banking, insurance, and investment advice. The market for these opportunities is attractive due to the flexibility of hours and possible approval of your own schedule. The apprenticeship length of this industry is very flexible as well. It can be completed in as little as one year or over a four-year period. Financial services are growing with the ever expanding technology additions in this industry.

Heavy and Civil Construction
An apprenticeship in heavy construction will take an individual through the entire system of a work site from planning, design, and preparation to completing the job. The hours required may be flexible, but the basic requirements will be covered. Tailoring your skills will depend upon which specialty area you wish to pursue. Some disciplines include carpentry, electrical wiring, concrete work, plumbing and drywall. 
Civil construction implies building construction that includes post occupancy control such as schools, hospitals or recreational facilities. 
There are many types of this profession; from house building to highway and bridge repair to sewage systems. Road crews, bridge construction, and heavy equipment operation to name a few. This requires a lot of physical effort and stamina, the ability to work well with others, high intelligence and attention to detail.

Manufacturing is an amazing opportunity for apprentices that would like an inside look at how things are made. There are many trades in manufacturing from heavy equipment operation, metalwork or welding. A few of the biggest employers include GMI-Rubber Products Inc., Laars Rubber Products Inc., Rehrig Pacific Co., and Crown Cork & Seal Co. These companies are in high demand for new employees who want to learn the manufacturing process. There is also opportunities for more skilled jobs such as tool and die maker and welding.

The construction industry is one of the many that offer apprenticeships in a variety of different trades. Construction trades include electricians, pipe layers, plumbers, sheet metal workers, and pipe fitters. A good place to start is with your local union hall. They will have information on who hire apprentices and what skills they are looking for based upon their current workforce. Construction job sites are some of the most active with messy work environments and long hours; so apprentices need to be able to multi-task while dealing with physical labor challenges on a daily basis.

Aerospace is a rapidly growing industry that employs a large number of apprentices in different disciplines. Many aircraft mechanics and technicians are needed to work on the maintenance of today's aircraft which require technical and specialized knowledge. The Aeronautical Apprenticeship Program takes place over a 5-year period and provides an opportunity for high school students to earn while they learn in the aviation industry. The program offers direct employment to successful applicants, with competitive wages and excellent benefits. Employment is also offered to successful applicants who complete the program but do not wish to work for an aerospace company (self-employment).
The program allows for advancement to positions of greater responsibility and prestige, with opportunities leading ultimately to management or supervisory positions.

The healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. This is due to the aging baby boomer generation, as well as health issues that are on the rise because of our modern lifestyles. The healthcare industry is always looking for skilled workers to fill these positions and they offer low-cost apprenticeships in a variety of different areas. These opportunities include physical therapy assistants, nursing assistants, home healthcare aides and surgical technicians. Healthcare employees advance quickly in their field due to the high demand for their services. They also have great benefits and can make a very good living so their success rate is high.

Law Enforcement
Most law enforcement agencies are looking to recruit high school students into their programs. It’s a great way to earn while you learn. You have the ability to learn hands-on and advance in your career within the same local community. Some law enforcement careers are firefighting, animal control, park rangers and employment specialists. There are many opportunities for young people that want to work in this field.

Hospitals continue to be one of the fastest growing industries in the United States; there are many opportunities for apprenticeship students in this industry. The growth for this industry is attributed partly to the aging baby boomers and their increasing health issues. The future will see a continuing need for advanced care through new medical technologies, information technology systems, and other healthcare advances. The number of hospital jobs is expected to increase over the next decade due to the increasing demand in this field.

Marine Transportation
Marine transport apprenticeships are one of the most popular types of apprenticeships available in the United States. There are many different opportunities available including ship repair and maintenance, cargo handling, deck crew, and marine engineers. These are all very busy work environments with long hours and daily physical requirements.

Apprenticeship is a great way to earn while you learn, and also gain employable skills for your future. It offers a great start to a successful working career.
Apprenticeship is in high demand right now and it is a growing industry within the United States, so if you are interested in becoming an apprentice there are lots of different opportunities available.
The next step to getting yourself an apprenticeship is finding out what the requirements are for each trade and contacting local employers to see if they offer apprenticeships that fit your desired field. They will have information on who hire apprentices and what skills they are looking for based upon their current workforce.

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