Home Insurance and Hurricane Preparations

 Home Insurance and Hurricane Preparations

Hurricanes are a natural part of life in the Caribbean and they're on the rise. Recent years have seen more frequent and more intense hurricanes, both in terms of wind speed and rainfall. A few good storms can cause extensive damage to your home's roof, exterior walls, floors, furniture and electrical systems regardless of size.

Fortunately there are simple measures you can take to prepare for a hurricane or storm that enables you to protect your property from some of the most common types of damages they create.

Roof Damage

Roofs are especially susceptible to damage from moving objects such as fallen trees and flying debris. Many roofs can be replaced for less than $10,000 USD, but a poorly built roof can cost upwards of $30,000 to replace. If you're in a hurricane-prone area like the Bahamas, Puerto Rico or even Florida, it's best that you take precautions and protect your roof by sealing it against leaks and wind damage. A good and durable roof sealant will run anywhere between $50 and $250 per gallon depending on the type you choose.

If you have a metal roof already installed, one of the best types of roof sealant for metal is called EternaBond. It's a rubberized tape designed to effectively weather the toughest conditions and it's easy to apply. You simply cut off the amount of sealant you need, peel off the paper backing and lay it on the roof. It adheres quickly and seals even faster.

Floor Damage

Hurricanes don't just affect your roof, they can also damage your flooring. Most types of wood flooring are susceptible to water damage, especially if they are unfinished. If you have hardwood floors, consider removing all furniture from them before a storm or hurricane strikes; this way they won't be scratched or damaged by falling objects like television sets or lamps during high winds.

Tearing Damage

Tearing is caused by the air being sucked into cracks or air-conditioning vents. Expanding and contracting of the air due to changing currents can be very damaging to your carpet. The best way to prevent tearing is to make sure that all floorboards lie flat on each other, especially in areas where there are likely to be electrical problems. If you have loose tiles installed, make sure they're securely fastened and also that they're level. A few tiles loose can create a large amount of pressure which can eventually cause them to be ripped up.

Door Damage

To prevent door damage, make sure they are securely closed. If you have any loose floorboards in your home, fix them and secure them with brackets before a storm or hurricane hits to stop doors and windows from being damaged by flying debris. Consider placing large furniture pieces like bookcases or entertainment centers along the path of windows or sliding doors if you're expecting a bad storm to hit. They can serve as a buffer against large objects that might otherwise break your windows or damage your doors. Also make sure that they aren't overturned during a storm as this can cause permanent damage.

Electrical Wire Damage

Hurricanes are notorious for knocking down power lines and uprooting trees. Many homeowners are used to dealing with this kind of damage after a storm as it seems part of the package when living in hurricane-prone areas. However, it's still important that you know how to prevent electrical wire damage.

Unplug all of your electrical appliances before a storm or hurricane strikes; this way you reduce the chances of them being damaged by falling objects. Any exposed electrical wiring should be taken care of by professionals before a major storm hits. It also helps to have an insurance agent sit down with you beforehand and discuss whether or not it's worth getting roof surge protection for your home if there is a risk that electrical wires will be damaged in the future.

Hurricanes and storms can destroy your home, but you can prepare for them. In this article we've discussed a few simple and easy preventative measures that can save you thousands of dollars in repairs if a storm hits your home.

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We have provided some handy tips, but this is by no means an exhaustive list. If you have hiked in the great wilderness of Alaska or ever been in a natural disaster affecting your area, you know how important it is to be able to prepare for emergencies! All of us here at Home Depot hope that our readers have found this article useful and that they keep us updated on all the great things they are doing to prepare themselves and their family for such uncertain times!

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