Getting the Best Deal on Auto Insurance


 Getting the Best Deal on Auto Insurance

You're in need of auto insurance, and it's a pain to figure out how to get the best deal. Between all the confusing names and companies, you feel like there's no way out. But we're here to help! Below are three pricing strategies that will give you the cheapest auto insurance rate possible:

- Finding an Allstate agent in your area
- Shopping multiple companies at once on the internet
- Shopping around for discounts when renewing your policy.

Finding an Allstate Agent in Your Area

What's great about Allstate is that they allow you to compare quotes for free, and then you can see the best deal right away. It's a great way to compare multiple quotes at once. Furthermore, since the company has over 50 years of experience under their belt, they're definitely worth talking to. Another thing that we love about Allstate is their dedication to community involvement. They're continually giving back to their communities, which is a big plus!

Shopping Multiple Companies at Once on the Internet

The internet is what makes shopping around easy. Sites like provide the best auto insurance quotes from across the web. You can compare multiple companies at once, instead of going to each website individually. You can get quotes in just a few minutes, and then decide which company is best for you.

Shopping Around for Discounts When Renewing Your Policy

Many people don't realize that they're missing discounts on their auto insurance because they don't know to ask about them! Below are some questions to ask your current provider when you decide to renew your policy. These are just a few to ask, so feel free to add more questions in the comments!

- Will you increase my rates if I get a speeding ticket?
- Can I save any money by lowering my deductible?
- Can you give me 3% off of my annual payment for being a safe driver?
- Is it possible to have your rates lowered by using the right car insurance companies? Keep in mind that these are only some of the questions you should ask when trying to get the best rate possible. You'll be surprised at how much more complicated it can be than you thought. If you're interested in even more ways to get the cheapest prices, check out for more information.


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Title: Top 10 Benefits of Search Engine Marketing for Law Firms [INFOGRAPHIC] [ARTICLE]
Quora User, Cristina Lockyer , said... When looking for a law firm or attorney to hire, most people do not go beyond the first two pages of search results. In fact, these days a lot of people are using Google and other search engines like Bing to find lawyers in their area based on ratings and client referrals.

So if you are not practicing Search Engine Marketing, or SEO, which is a completely free and effective way to get your firm's website on the first page of Google, you are missing out on some real opportunities for new clients.

For example: a survey by GetVoIP where they asked over 1,200 people what they used to find attorneys online found that 79% of respondents always use search engines to find new attorneys . That's a lot of people!

Picture Source:

The following infographic provides a list of 10 benefits that SEO brings to law firms:

Benefit #1: You're being found by the right people. The vast majority of people who read your website will not need or want your legal services. They'll click away to your competitor's site and pass you by. That is why the top 3 search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) are so important. The more you appear in those search results, the more you can reach potential new clients. That benefit alone could put you on track for a 50% increase in potential clients over the next 12-24 months.

Benefit #2: You're being found by a wider audience. 80% of Internet users conduct Internet searches. This means that by using SEO, you can reach more people who are in need of your legal services (i.e. your potential clients).

Benefit #3: You're increasing the visibility of your brand name online and on search results pages. People like to hire brands they know and trust (i.e., law firms with an established track record). When conducting online searches for attorneys, these same individuals are often looking for specific types of attorneys, as well as ones that have been reviewed by other individuals (i.e., client feedback). A search engine optimization (SEO) campaign can help your brand get a "click-thru" rate of 1.3% for more targeted search results and higher placement in the first page of search results. Studies have shown that the "top 3" places you appear on Google will almost always be in one of those three spots. That means if you aren't on any of the first 3 pages of Google, your potential clients are not going to find you!

Benefit #4: You're being found by more law firms.


SEO can help you get new clients, increase client retention, and improve your bottom line. So if you are not practicing SEO, which is completely free and effective way to get your firm's website on the first page of Google, you are missing out on some real opportunities for new clients. As a lawyer or law firm owner who is looking for more information about SEO, contact a professional like the one listed below to get started today!

Sources: http://www.quora.

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