Finding Best Used Car Insurance


 Finding Best Used Car Insurance

With the average cost of automotive insurance reaching $691 per person in 2016, finding affordable protection is a priority for many car owners.

Despite this fact, finding the best deal can be difficult and time-consuming. If you are planning on purchasing a used vehicle that may have an alarm system or airbags that will need to be replaced, getting your hands on a current quote for insurance is even more important. We looked at recent studies and consulted with experts in order to find the cheapest auto insurance for used cars online. This list includes companies like Insweb, Sedgwick Companies Inc., Safeco Insurance Company of America, Direct Auto & Life Insurance Company.

Tips for Finding Affordable Auto Insurance for Used Cars

When it comes to checking rates and getting quotes from the top auto insurance providers for used cars, there are a few simple steps you can take that will help you get the best deal:

Compare Quotes from Multiple Companies – Get a quote from every major company including GEICO, Allstate, Progressive, Farmers, Esurance and State Farm. While each of these companies has a slightly different set of rules when it comes to insuring used vehicles, many do offer plans designed specifically for these types of cars. For example, many will allow you to add coverage on to your basic policy in order to include this type of protection without increasing your monthly payments.

Be Honest about Your Driving History and Circumstances – Even if you've never been pulled over for speeding, you may still end up paying more than someone with a clean record. This is due to the fact that every driver is classified based on their behavior over the past three years. If you have been involved in accidents or convictions, you will likely be placed in a high risk group. Therefore, it's always important to be honest when filling out questionnaires about your driving record during the application process.

Inquire About Deductibles – If you are looking at policies that include collision coverage for a used vehicle, it's important to ask what the deductible is before getting a quote. The deductible is the amount of money that you will need to pay before your insurance will start to cover repairs. Depending on what type of car you are looking for, this may be a huge deciding factor in terms of which company or plan you ultimately choose.

Ask about Additional Features – Many policies also offer a variety of additional options that can help to protect your vehicle in the event that it is stolen or gets damaged by flooding or fire damage. While these features often come with an additional fee, they may be well worth the investment if you think they are necessary. For example, adding comprehensive and rust coverage can help protect your vehicle from environmental factors like floods and storms.

Ask About Subrogation – Most policies will cover damage to your vehicle by a third party, but there is always the chance that another driver will escape liability. If this happens, many companies also offer a subrogation policy that can help you get back the money you need to repair or replace your car.

Contact the Insurance Company Directly – One of the most common mistakes drivers make when looking for affordable auto insurance for used cars is assuming that they are getting a good deal from an online company like eQuote. Even though these platforms are very convenient, they don't always offer the lowest rates available. In fact, in some cases, they may even be more expensive than contacting the insurance provider directly.

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