Cheap Car Insurance For Students - Is There Such A Thing?


 Cheap Car Insurance For Students - Is There Such A Thing?

A lot of young people have to balance paying for a new car with the price tag that comes attached. Recently, I made a move from New Jersey to Ohio. My school is about an hour and a half away from my house now, which means I need access to a vehicle at all times in order to keep up with work and school obligations.

One thing that can help take the edge off is cheap car insurance for students offered by GEICO! Right now, the average student can save up to $350 on car insurance with GEICO through college discounts they offer.

GEICO has an outstanding reputation in the industry for offering great policies and real value to customers. In addition, they have a ton of specialized discounts for different groups, including 18-21 year olds, full-time student discounts and more. All of them can help you save money on auto insurance!

Another reason I love GEICO is because it's not just about online quotes and cheap car insurance for students. They're also committed to saving the world! For every policy purchased through their website, they plant a tree with American Forests. As someone who cares deeply about our environment, this is one of my favorite GEICO features.

One of my favorite things about full-time school is that I'm finally able to dedicate more time to doing volunteer work at my local library. I love helping people out and I have a lot of fun doing it! It also added some more responsibilities for me this year in terms of being a college student.

Full-time study requires a lot of focus, so I have to give up some activities that aren't related to school or my job. For example, I had to sell my old car last week because having two cars is just too expensive for me right now. Having only one car means less freedom, but it also means that I have to be very responsible about how I use it.

I'm not a super diligent person when it comes to remembering to check the oil or gas, so I've had to buy cheap car insurance for students before. Thankfully, GEICO offers an oil and warranty program that covers me for up to 10 quarts of oil and list of repairs (with a $50 deductible). And if my new vehicle breaks down and is inoperable for more than 24 hours, they'll even tow it free of charge!

Between college courses and work, there's a lot on my plate right now. To help me manage my time, I have to make sure that my budget isn't too tight or that my hard-earned money can be spent wisely. If going to a cheap car insurance for students is one way to get the most bang for your buck, then I'm all for it!

As someone with a full-time job and attending school full time, I also have an idea of what it's like to be a student and how expensive it can be. Car insurance has been giving me a headache lately and has made it difficult to live within my means.

The high premiums that I have to pay each month, even with the help of a student discount, are nothing compared to the cost of an accident. I've been in one accident that caused me to miss two days of class and left me with thousands in repair bills. For me, cheap car insurance for students is necessary now more than ever!

I also get nervous whenever I have to park on city streets because of all of the theft in my area. Because of this, I have to park in a lot that's far away from my home. Since I don't want to risk having my car broken into again, I use the student discount to protect that investment.

I know that GEICO has so much more to offer than just cheap car insurance for students, but those are the things that have most stood out to me so far. If you'd like cheap car insurance for students, click here today to see what discounts they offer or call them at 800-742-0434 and learn more!

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Published by: Published on: 2013-08-15T09:51:00Z  by August 15th 2013 9:51 AM Reply Reply
I have a long commute to work, and would like to purchase a new car but can only afford to do so for 6 months or so, and then I would be back to being on my parents' insurance policy again for another 6 months or so until I'm able to save enough money for a down payment on a car of my own. 
I was wondering if I could buy a car on my parents' insurance policy and then have them agree to let me borrow the car for 6 months, rather than having to make payments each month. 
Would that work or would I be breaking the law by doing this? If that's not allowed, how else can I save up enough money for a down payment on a car while I'm still at school? (P.S. I only want to save $200 or less each month through this method) Reply Reply
Hi there! It definitely works as long as you are paying less than $200/month in accordance with your parents' insurance policy which will allow you to continue  using their policy. Reply Reply
Would this work for me? I am a college student and I do not own any car. I was thinking about getting a car from my parents' insurance but when I check into it, it says it would cost about $600/month, but they only have the basic insurance policy. Reply Reply
how many people do you know who actually drive to school, putting their car in their parents' garage or parking lot when they're done with school? 
How much saving is that? 50 cents per mile or something like that? 
The amount of saving might be helpful, but the policy isn't going to apply if you don't commute (and most people do not commute). Reply Thanks for your comment. Reply
If you're buying a car and your parents have an above average insurance rate, you could probably get a better deal by getting that same car from a dealer. Reply I'm not sure if this is true but my school offers student discounts at the car dealerships. Some of the dealerships don't want to give the discount but they said if they really want to, they will. I drove a used car off of their lot for about $1300 because I got the student discount. Reply Hi there! Thanks for sharing your experience! You're absolutely right that some dealerships won't accept your students' discount due to competitive reasons and such.


Hopefully, we see you get to the point where you can pay for your car insurance from a savings account instead of a credit card! Don't forget to check out our Student budgeting tools as well:

This article is part of our Cheap Car Insurance For Students series. To see all of our articles about affordable car insurance rates, click here .

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