Car Insurance Basics


 Car Insurance Basics

Do you know how much to make a deductible, what a third party liability policy is, or how different types of car insurance are priced? If your answer is no, then this article is for you. Car insurance basics are essential for any driver and it's important to understand the total cost of your protection plan so that you're not being ripped off. Here are some helpful car insurance tips!

-Know Your Coverage Limits: Know what's covered by your auto policy and what isn't before buying that dream car. A full coverage includes all accidental death and injury up to $250,000 per individual; comprehensive coverage covers damage from fire among other things but does not cover theft or loss of use.

-Third Party Liability: If you've been in an accident, or even hurt someone while driving, the other driver's insurance company will step in to help pay for damages if they're found at fault. This type of coverage is nice because it helps cover you as well.

-Comprehensive Coverage: This is what your car insurance policy includes when you purchase comprehensive coverage. It protects your car from damage if it gets burgled or stolen and covers you from vandalism or damage caused by falling objects (including trees). For this to be covered, the coverages listed above must be purchased.

-Low-Cost Car Insurance: Look for the cheapest auto insurance quotes in your area before buying a new vehicle.

-Car Insurance Price Variations: Read your policy carefully before purchasing, even if it's been renewed within the past year. The rates differ from company to company, but beware that you may not be able to get an auto insurance quote for the exact car you want. The Department of Insurance recommends comparisons at least once a year.

-No Fault Auto Insurance: If an accident is your fault, this type of policy covers you in the event that someone gets hurt (hurt by your car). It covers medical expenses and lost wages as well as punitive damages which are extra damages awarded for wrongful behavior on the part of the insured.

-Car Insurance Discount: Depending on your driving record, you may be able to get a discount on your car insurance policy. For example, going 3 years without an accident can earn you up to 10% off your premiums.

-Cars That Cost More To Insure: Luxury SUVs will cost more to insure than basic sedans, but that's not the only thing that affects how much you'll pay per month. Sports cars are generally more expensive to insure than standard family cars because they're often targeted by thieves and cause more damage in accidents. That's why many insurance companies will increase rates after a certain make of car has proven too costly in the past.

-Uninsured Motorist Protection: If you're the victim of an uninsured motorist, this type of insurance coverage will help pay for damages to your car and medical expenses if you're hurt.

-More Car Insurance Cost Savings: Driving less can save you on auto insurance cost as well as gas and repairs. Take a little time to learn how to drive a safer, more fuel-efficient vehicle for example.

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Based on limiting repairs and piece of mind insurance is great but I've had my own insurance company for 10 years and am now living without it. Instead I'm only paying for liability insurance and I've found a great guy that will write me a ticket (registration & plate) every year for $10. He's got a store front with all the equipment to process tickets so i don't have to go the Police station or wherever. He's also guaranteed my plates/registration for up to 4 years! For me, money well spent. Reply Delete
I pay $30 a year for full coverage from auto-owners at 0 fault. No deductible, comprehensive&collision, I have not had any claims but I cannot find this type of coverage through any other company. Reply Delete
I would be careful about only having liability insurance. If you get into an accident with enough damage to your car that it becomes a total loss, your insurance company may buy the vehicle from you if they see potential value in it and then turn around and auction it off for scrap. If this happens, you'll have to sue them in court to get the money back for your totaled vehicle (which, believe me, has happened to me several times in my many years of driving). Reply Delete
I had AAA for my first year of driving and I always felt safer knowing that they were just a phone call away. However, I went with State Farm because my grandparents had a history with them and also because they offered pretty good rates. My parents changed to them when I was in college, and they probably have the best rates of any company around. Reply Delete
The best insurance I've had is my car insurance with USAA. They are always there when you need them but are not pushy. They have a 24 hour emergency line and will go over everything with you over the phone before they write up the policy for you. Reply Delete
AAA is great as far as roadside assistance. No one else offered it when I was looking so that's why I went with them, but they only give you a full tank of gas if it's your first visit or if the car isn't a rental or something like that. Reply Delete
I agree that AAA is always a great call to have but I would also add that National has an exclusive arrangement with them, and you usually can't get the service easily from any other company. Reply Delete
For liability policies I have been using my old insurance company, United General. They are really great to work with and will help you with anything you need. Reply Delete
I agree that AAA is a great call to have as they are always on the phone and available in an emergency. But Renter's insurance is something I really recommend because it pays for loss of rental car when you wreck your car.

Conclusion: I always suggest people get coverage for their Rental Car when they go on long trips instead of buying the supplemental coverage. Reply Delete
I am very happy with USAA. I have had USAA for all my insurance needs for all of my adult life, except when I married and was with geico for awhile but it was a short lived marriage lol. USAA does not offer the cheapest rates, but it has been worth every penny to have them there for me in times of need. Reply Delete
It is nice to hear about others' experiences with this company. They were truly fantastic in helping me find a policy that fit my needs perfectly, and even better when it comes to their customer service.

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