Car Insurance Are You Getting the Best Deal?


 Car Insurance Are You Getting the Best Deal?

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think about car insurance until you need to make a claim. The truth is, if you don’t pay attention to your car insurance needs (or worse, buy a plan automatically when buying a new car), then your coverage may not be as good as it theoretically could be - and that could wind up costing you more than the value of the policy itself!

This blog post will cover some of the basic information on purchasing or updating your current auto coverage. We'll also remind readers about important things to know before buying auto insurance. And, we'll explore some of the biggest mistakes people make when looking for auto insurance and what they can do to avoid them.

Key Points About Auto Insurance
1) Don’t let your car insurance lapse without making a quick phone call to reinstate coverage. Even if you think it is too late to get coverage, often you can still call your insurance company and ask for an immediate increase in coverage. What happens if there is an accident? You are covered! Just like buying life insurance, giving more coverage is always better than needing it! 2) Auto insurance plans can cover much more than just physical damage. As an example, you could purchase a "collision" plan that will pay out if your insurance company does not cover the cost of repair. Or, you may choose to add liability coverage which will protect you against personal injury lawsuits, as well as damage to other people’s cars or property. This is possibly something that many people already have in place - and it may be necessary even for those who do not. 3) Some people don’t realize that businesses and homeowners can also purchase car insurance. For example, banking institutions often have their own policies covering things like stolen currency, inventory damage and equipment destruction. It is worth your time to review your auto insurance policy and determine which optional coverage you may want to add.

4) Don’t buy auto insurance from your bank or credit union. While banks and credit unions do have the right to obtain coverage for customers, they do not have the same level of customer service as an independent agent who is paid on commission. For example, an independent agent will likely be able to get you the best deal even when you have a full schedule of offers from other companies vying for your business - and he or she will be able to answer all of your questions. 5) If you are a woman who is pregnant, consider buying an additional policy that covers any expenses related to pregnancy. This could include doctor visits and other related expenses. Make sure to find out how much it will cost - and that it is offered by a company with insurance ratings of at least A++ or better.

6) You should always look into your auto insurance coverage if you have multiple cars. For example, does your policy cover all of the vehicles you own? If not, then make sure to check before your current coverage ends and then immediately after taking this opportunity to purchase a new plan.

7) People who are on long-term disability plans may not realize that they can still purchase auto insurance. Many people think that if they are not able to drive, then they should not have to be responsible for insurance coverage. However, there may be a way around this issue if you talk to your agent about possible coverage options.

8) While auto insurance is mandatory in most states, it is possible to get out of paying for it. In some states, you can register your vehicle without purchasing any type of insurance - and you will be allowed a certain time period during which no action will be taken against you. Check with your local DMV or law enforcement agency for more specifics on this matter.

9) Some insurance companies will allow you to take a cash value payout from your policy. While this might seem like a good idea in certain situations, the truth is that many people end up spending this money on things that they should not. For example, if you take out $10,000 and buy a new car that is worth $7,000, then you spent $3,000 on something that has no real value in the near future. 10) If you are constantly changing jobs or places of residence, you may be able to set up automatic bill payments for your auto insurance policy. This can help prevent lapses in coverage that could cost much more than just the fee for the coverage itself. 11) Don’t purchase your auto insurance on a group basis - you may end up forking over more than you would have otherwise. If you are unable to determine the exact amount that your coverage is costing, then contact your agent and make him or her explain this in detail so that you can choose whether or not to buy a new policy. 12) If you want to find out if an auto insurance plan will be cheaper under one agency versus another, it’s best to evaluate both sets of quotes before agreeing or disagreeing with either one of them. The policy may be different depending on the company. While there are many things to think about when looking for auto insurance, hopefully this blog post will help you avoid making some of the common mistakes.

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