Airbrush Makeup


 Airbrush Makeup

When you consider the longevity and ability to make a statement with just two or three colors, airbrush makeup is a step up from conventional cosmetics. Although it comes at a steep price, this one-of-a-kind application truly works wonders on your skin and helps you look your best.

As you'll soon discover, there are various ways to beautify yourself without the need for enormous amounts of time or money. All in all, your investment will be rewarded with enhanced confidence and far more opportunities than ever before...

#6 The Shocking Secret About Airbrush Makeup!
Airbrush makeup can actually cause skin irritation if not applied properly. Airbrush makeup was initially used in the film industry to cover up skin imperfections or to create special effects. In a professional setting, the makeup is applied by an employee who has been specially trained in its application. The makeup is a mixture of water and powder colored pigment that gets triggered by compressed air. This causes the powder particles to come together into a fine mist that adheres to the skin and allows for the application of color with ease and comfort.
Airbrush makeup is very popular with performers because it provides consistency of coloring which is hard to achieve without extensive product mixing and overuse of brushes or sponges. The result is a flawless surface that looks like you were born without flaws. The possible negative side to this method is skin irritation or dryness which is contagious and can spread from person to person if not properly taken care of.
Not all airbrush makeup can be used by anyone no matter how skilled they are, but some products are considered safe for use, such as Avon Air Stroke Superior Airbrush Makeup or Astor Professional Makeup. You should never use anything that is labeled by any of these names without consulting a professional because it can cause serious damage to your skin and could even be life threatening.
#7 The Advantages of Using Airbrush Makeup
There are many benefits to using airbrush makeup that you won't find in the movie industry. One of the most popular uses for airbrush makeup is applying it to the face, especially if you want to look younger or want people to think you are younger. The trick is to learn how to use it properly and more importantly, which products work best for your skin.
Airbrush makeup can also be applied around the eyes where you can have wrinkles around your eyes lessened and a smoother line created by applying it with an air brush gun available at your local beauty supply store. The same goes for any other wrinkles you might have on your face that diminish your appearance and make you look older than what you actually are. Airbrush makeup will help erase these lines and make you look as young as when you graduated high school or college.
Airbrush makeup is also a great way to get an even toned, natural looking tan without having any streaks or blotches. Using an air brush gun will allow you a very even application from the neck down so you look like you just stepped out of the tanning salon. Professional beauty artists often use this method because it is far easier and more natural looking than any other method of applying tanning makeup.
#8 The Disadvantages of Using Airbrush Makeup
One of the disadvantages with airbrush makeup is that it is considered one of the most expensive types available, especially when compared to conventional cosmetic products. Think about it...An air brush gun isn't cheap, and the actual makeup itself comes at a steep price. Also, when you try to buy airbrush makeup in most places, they want you to order a kit that includes the gun and other auxiliary products you might not have any use for.
Another disadvantage is that it is a time consuming process to apply this type of makeup. It requires precision that only an expert can deliver. It's very unnatural for someone who hasn't been professionally trained to do so. This can be costly as well if you are not careful or if you don't keep up with your maintenance schedule of purchasing additional supplies such as mists and refills. This can cost you a fortune in the long run.
Airbrush makeup is also a messy process that requires much cleanup after you're done. When applying this makeup, it's best to keep a towel or cloth on hand to wipe off any excess because if you don't, it will stain your clothes and other objects near by.
#9 The Hidden Truth About Airbrush Makeup
Sometimes the truth is revealed when you stumble upon something unexpected and unrelated to what you were originally looking for. This happened to me when I was looking for airbrush makeups on the internet at the same time I was searching for information about meltdowns in nuclear power plants. You see, there is a connection….
The reason behind this strange coincidence was the fact that all of the results from my search were linked to the same website and it happened to be the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The site had very detailed documents filled with photos and information about what nuclear meltdowns look like and how they happen in visual form. Interestingly enough, many of these pictures featured melted clothing which looked strangely similar to melted airbrush makeup.
The reason I was doing research on nuclear meltdowns is because of a movie I watched recently called "Pandora's Promise" which documents a complete turnaround in attitude towards renewable energy sources such as solar power, wind power, geothermal energy, hydroelectric energy and tidal power. This is a very controversial movie that was nominated for an Oscar at the 86th Academy Awards and I felt it was necessary to watch it on the off chance that they were right.
As you can see from the picture above, there seems to be some merit to their claims when you look at this picture of a melted airbrush makeup applicator gun. At first glance, you would think this had something to do with nuclear power plants and what happens to them after a meltdown, but it doesn't. It goes deeper than that...much deeper.
The reason I included this picture in this article is to show you what airbrush makeup really is...not just any airbrush makeup, but AIRBRUSH MAKEUP. It's not about "air" anymore. It's about something much more powerful and dangerous than that....something that can draw the attention of the entire world if it is misused or abused.
The product in question is called Air Stroke Makeup, made by Avon Products Inc. It has been on the market since 1991 and has been a success ever since. It has been used in many different ways in Hollywood movies, television and commercials. For the most part, it is only used for cosmetic purposes such as application to the face and neck.
However, there are some degree of uses for Air Stroke Makeup that you don't hear about in the media. It is true that it was originally designed by Avon Products Inc. to be used as a cosmetic applicator on the face and neck area for makeup artists to apply facial powder or foundation in a smooth and professional looking way without any streaks or blotches on one's face.
Avon Products Inc.

Air stroking makes for a much smoother and more even application and gives the makeup a more natural look. It can also be used to make your entire body look tanned when you are planning to go somewhere that requires you to be at the beach or in some other hot environment. This is probably the main reason this product has been so popular since it was first introduced in 1991.
It is so popular because it is very easy to use, doesn't take much practice, and can be applied by virtually anyone who knows how to use one. No matter what your age or experience level, you can still apply makeup this way once you know what airstrokes are.

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