Agel UMI: A Highly Effective Way of Boosting Our All Important Immune System!


 Agel UMI: A Highly Effective Way of Boosting Our All Important Immune System!

You might be one of the many people who are not as healthy as you can be. Perhaps, your immune system needs a boost?

Well read on and find out all about Agel UMI - a highly effective way of boosting our all important immune system! Agel UMI is a blend of powerful natural antioxidants including Acerola, Lansoprazole, L-Lysine and Vitamin C. Together these ingredients have been scientifically proven to work collectively in order to create an environment that is conducive for your body’s natural defences to fight infection.

It is now scientifically proven that as we age, the natural defences of our immune system starts to diminish. This in turn reduces your body’s ability to fight off diseases and illnesses. As the body ages, cells are not able to function as they should and this is where problems can begin.

The nutrients inside Agel UMI not only support your immune system but enhance its ability to attack infections in your body. This in turn increases your body’s ability to fight off disease and illness.

More and more research is being done constantly showing the benefits of using immune system boosting supplements as we age. Studies have shown that we can lose up to 75% of our immune function as we get older! This causes our ability to fend off disease, viruses and illnesses to slow down significantly. We see this every day in hospitals around the world where many people are on life support systems because their immune system was too weak to fight off bacteria or a virus that they should have easily been able to fend off when they were younger.

Does this not sound familiar? It is believed that almost 50% of the population will suffer from a cardiovascular event within their lifetime. Having an immune system that is unable to fight off illness or infection can be a major contributing factor to this statistic.

Agel UMI contains the powerful antioxidants Acerola cherry, lansoprazole and lysine as well as vitamin C to support your body’s natural defences. Together, they work together in order to give your body the strength it needs to fight off infections and illness.

Your immune system is a complicated thing, but in order for it to protect you from disease it needs one thing; strength. The nutrients found in Agel UMI give your body the strength it needs to fight off infections and illness so you can live a healthier life.

Here’s a run down of just some of the benefits of taking Agel UMI:

Boosts your immune system against bacteria and viruses making you less susceptible to illness and infections.

Helps in reducing the occurrence of colds and flu.

Helps reduce the frequency and severity of allergies experienced throughout the year.

Helps fight against an array of diseases and infections that your body can contract.

Improves your overall health and causes your body to function at a higher level.

Helps strengthen the immune system to make it more resistant to disease and illness as you get older. This in turn helps you feel healthier, happier and stronger!

Helps reduce the appearance of the affects of ageing. This is because a healthy immune system is an important part of good looking skin.

There are a lot of immune system boosting supplements on the market today that claim to do this and that but many of them are very costly. Agel UMI is different because it is not only effective for boosting your body’s immune system but it can be purchased at an affordable price.

We recommend taking 1-2 capsules every day until you notice a positive difference in how you feel. We also recommend making sure you take Agel UMI at least two hours after eating in order for it to work properly.

If you are looking for a great immune system boosting supplement that does not come with a high price tag then Agel UMI is the perfect place to start.

The benefits of Agel UMI pay dividends in many different ways, so make sure you read the benefits section listed below and decide if it is something for you!

*IMPORTANT - Please remember that none of our products are intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or medical condition. Always seek the advice of your doctor and/or pharmacist before taking any new product into your body. We recommend checking out our blog on Supplements For Health at: which will give you access to a lot of free information about supplements and your health.*


High blood pressure

High cholesterol levels in the blood stream leading to clogged arteries or otherwise known as atherosclerosis. This is a condition that increases the risk of having a heart attack or stroke. With high levels of cholesterol, it can cause blockages in the arteries and lead to heart disease. Cholesterol is an essential part of our bodies since it helps us to make hormones, vitamins D and E, bile acid, vitamin C and a host of other essential compounds that are vital for our well being while also helping our bodies produce energy for all our activities. The problem is that our bodies can make more cholesterol than we actually need and it is our liver’s job to help keep the level of cholesterol in our blood stream at what is a healthy level.


Cholesterol can also lead and contribute to depression. Experts believe that this has mainly to do with the effect that high levels of cholesterol have on the production of serotonin, a chemical in the brain which helps us regulate moods, memory, pain perception, appetite and sleep. When serotonin levels start to get out of whack this is where depression can occur which many people experience especially as they get older.


An artery is a thick blood vessel that carries oxygen rich blood from the heart to the rest of the body. It can be compared to a large tunnel that is used to carry an important cargo (blood). When cholesterol builds up in our arteries, it causes a condition called atherosclerosis which makes it more difficult for oxygen rich blood to flow through. This condition can cause discomfort and pain, however not all cases are painful and people may not even know that they have it. One of the most common warning signs is pain in the chest but it can also include shortness of breath, unexplained leg pain or sexual dysfunction.


Cholesterol is an essential part of a healthy body and the production of cholesterol is also something that we can control. You can check your cholesterol levels at home any time you want; you do not need to see a doctor for it, all you need is a little help from an online health record that has been shown to be more accurate than it’s peer.

Sports Performance:

It is said that if you have higher levels of cholesterol in the blood stream then impaired muscle function will occur leading to impaired sports performance or performance in general.

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