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If you're a influencer and you've ever wanted to monetize your following, then here are three ways that you can use your blogs posts to make money.

1. Post sponsored links in the body of the blog post - Sponsored posts allow brands to advertise their product on someone's website or social media account. Payment for sponsored posts vary depending on who is paying and where the post is located but typically range from $50-1K.  

2. Include information about how readers can purchase products or services in blog posts - This type of advertising usually comes in the form of an affiliate link, which means that readers will earn money if they purchase something through it. Many companies offer affiliate programs such as Awin, Amazon Associates, and Commission Junction. 

3. Sell sponsorship space on your blog - If you have a good sized following, you can sell ad space on your blog. It pays to shop around to see what other influencers in your niche are charging for their sponsored posts and make sure that you price accordingly. 

Here is an article with a list of platforms where you can sell sponsored posts:

Title: Advice on the best deals on hotels around the world

Article Starts Here: We’re going to share a little bit of our knowledge on how you can find discount hotel prices and where we have personally booked. Consistency is key here, as we have seen the sweetest deals from booking at the same place every year. As an example, we book two rooms every November for a trip to Jamaica with one of my best friends. We look for all inclusive deals for both rooms and will spend anywhere from $600-$1,500 to get both rooms for seven days with airfare included. Often times we will stay from December to April in Jamaica because the weather is warmer, so you can see that we have been able to save a ton of money by staying at the same place each year. We have also stayed in the Dominican Republic for 7 days for $1000-$1200 and in St Kitts ~$1200-$1500. 

Title: The Best Places to Stay on Every Continent

Article Starts Here: If you're looking for hotels around the world, try these places first. From our experience, it's best to book at a hotel that says "all-inclusive", ""serviced apartments" or "villas" on its website. These type of hotels automatically come with all the extras that most hotels don't offer.  A hot tub is not an's included.

Title: Awesome travel deals we've found

Article Starts Here: You can never go wrong with a classic AirBnB for your travels. The great thing about AirBnB is that you can stay in someone's home, room or apartment for a fraction of the cost that hotels charge.

Title: Travel tips for first-time solo travelers

Article Starts Here: There's nothing better than traveling and meeting new people. However, there are some common travel missteps that I have seen from first-time solo travelers that can ruin your trip. Here are my top 5 tips to help keep you safe and have fun when traveling alone. (1) Be aware of your surroundings, don't stick out as a tourist. Don't be the person with the beach chair who sticks out like a sore thumb with all the other nice travelers at the airport waiting for their flights, bars or clubs to open. Try to blend in. (2) Don't try to be a super hero; ask for help if you need it. If you get lost and hesitate on asking for directions ... you have just given yourself away as a tourist. Always be polite and ask directly for directions once your instincts tell you to do so. (3) Travel with a buddy or at least have a phone that can contact the outside world; it's always good to have someone else around who can call 911 if something goes wrong, save a life!

Title: How To Buy an awesome Business

Article Starts Here: Once you're ready to sell your business check these things out first, qualifications are important but not everything matters when in business. Things to look at"

1. A business is profitable, If it's not making money you can't sell the business. (2) The property, It has to be in good condition (3) The owner, Do you have trust since you can't see the person who owns the business? (4) Location , Any improvements this is important for parking and delivery of goods. (5) Customer Reviews/track record, They will bring in more business and lesser risk when selling your business 

Title: 5 tips on saving money when planning a wedding

Article Starts Here: Your wedding day is going to be one of the most important days of your life. It's something that you'll never forget. If you want to make it as special as possible, then it's important that you're able to stay within your budget while having the wedding of your dreams. Here are some of our top tips on saving money when planning a wedding.  Don't do it alone - Don't be that person who goes through all the work alone. When it comes to planning a wedding, I think having help is highly important. The more things you can do yourself, the less stress and hassle there will be ... not to mention the more time you'll have to relax and enjoy your wedding day. So, try to find a few people who are going to be as excited about your wedding as you are.  Make a list - If you haven't done this yet, make a list of everything that you want for your big day. This includes everything from the types of chairs you want for the ceremony, to where you want the flowers placed on the tables in the reception hall. If there's anything that's missing from your list, don't be afraid to add it in there!  As long as it's not an item that is completely ridiculous or over-the-top, it's fine to ask for it.

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Title: How to find cheap flights and hotels on Expedia

Article Starts Here: Expedia is a good place to start out when you are looking for the cheapest flight deals. If you want to only book flights there, all you have to do is select your travel dates and the airports that you would like to depart from and arrive at. After that, just choose the lowest priced option for one person or multiply it by two if there are two people going on your trip. This will then bring up several flights from different airlines with different prices depending on where they are departing from. If you click on a specific flight, you will see all the details about it as well as reviews. If you click on the option at the bottom of your screen that says "More options" next to "Show All Options," you will be directed to a new page where unmarked flights are offered. This can help if an airline that you have seen from Expedia before is showing a higher price than usual. Once all of your flights are booked, Expedia can also be used to find accommodations for the duration of your trip.

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Title: Three tips when shopping for a new car

Article Starts Here: When you buy a new car, it's important to make sure that you're getting the best deal. The price of cars can be tricky because it's affected by several different factors and not just the cost of the vehicle itself. In order to get the best price possible, you need to know what some of those factors are and how they can influence your new vehicle purchase. Here are three tips for navigating through the purchasing process. Know the MSRP The manufacturer's suggested retail price (or MSRP) is a good place to start for researching your next car purchase. While some dealers fight to get customers to pay the MSRP on any vehicle, there can be some benefits to getting the price down. Although it is a starting point, you have the ability to negotiate and have an impact on the final price. Always ask for a better price You're never going to get a straight answer out of any car dealer so you might as well go ahead and start negotiating with them. The worst they can do is say that they can't meet your request because they want to make money; you could get just as good of a deal elsewhere. Be sure that you know what your needs are and how much money you want to spend before you go in so that they are able to provide additional information when asked. Test drive the car that you want Test drive the vehicle that you're interested in buying prior to the purchase date. If that doesn't work out, then test drive another one that you like. At some point, they will offer you a car with a better price than it normally would be, so you'll have to decide whether or not it's something worth paying for before making a final decision.

Title: Six Do's and Don'ts of Social Media Marketing

Article Starts Here: Nowadays, social media is an important tool for many businesses and organizations. It allows companies to get their messages out there in front of people who might not otherwise see them otherwise. It can also create a valuable connection between the customer and the business to help ensure that the customer is happy and satisfied; however, there is also a danger in social media marketing. Since it's so easy to update or share with consumers, mistakes on social media can make you look bad almost immediately. You have to be extra careful when doing social media marketing so that you avoid any mistakes. Here are six do's and don'ts of social media marketing: Don't Post Too Often When It Comes To Facebook: Don't post things too often if it's about your business or your brand; rather, space them out so that you don't overwhelm your followers with too many messages. Keep It Informative: Focus on keeping your pages informative when it comes to your business; this is what people are most interested in. If you can do that, they will continue to follow you. Don't Be A Self-Promoter: You don't want to come across as a self-promoter or someone who only cares about yourself and not about your followers. It's important to focus on interacting with your customers, not just constantly trying to promote yourself. Do Ask Your Followers Questions: You should ask questions of those who are following you, but make sure that it's appropriate and something that isn't too personal. This way, you'll learn more about them and can tailor future content towards their needs. Do Offer Something Of Value: If you want to grow your brand and gain followers, offer them something of value. That could come in the form of things like discounts or rewards for being a customer. This will encourage them to continue following you. Do Keep It Fun: One thing that's not too important but that can help is keeping things fun on social media marketing pages; this will allow for a more enjoyable experience on your page and create a positive image of your brand. It will also encourage your customers to interact more.

Title: Six Things to Consider When Buying a New TV

Article Starts Here: Technology is always changing and televisions have been one of the most rapidly advancing fields. Some of the best technologies are coming out with new television models, so the time is right for you to make a purchase for a brand new set. You should consider these six things when you go shopping for your next TV. LCD or Plasma Display? The first thing that you want to consider is which type of screen would be best for your viewing experience. There are two types of TVs on the market, plasma and LCD, so you need to decide which type you like best and which one produces better quality pictures. Color Quality: The color quality is something that is important to consider when buying a TV. If you like watching movies and shows, then you will want to buy a TV that is able to produce high-quality colors and have the ability to produce life-like colors. Most of the time, a plasma TV will produce better colors, but some LCD screens can also get close. If you are looking for in-depth information about color quality, then you should check out the Wikipedia page on it. Size: The size of your screen is one thing that's important to keep in mind when choosing a television option. Most televisions are around 50 inches tall and around 37 inches wide; these sizes are good for average homes with average space restrictions. If you have more room, then you can think about buying a larger size. If you're tight on space, you might want to get a smaller TV because they are not that much larger and usually take up less space. If you would like information on TV size, there is an excellent Wikipedia article on the subject. Technology: The technology that makes up your screen has also been getting better over the years. You can choose between state of the art LCDs and plasma displays; they both offer great picture quality and a lot of different options when it comes to display settings.


Hopefully, this post will help you get some ideas on what to look for when considering your next TV purchase or when making any technology related purchase in the near future. You want to keep in mind what the product does and how it can help you and then make a decision based on that. If you don't know about all the different products out there, then feel free to ask someone who does. Most people love to talk about their favorite products in order to help other people have a better understanding of why they are such good products.

Don't just listen to one person though; rather, get multiple opinions so that you're sure that it's something that you'll enjoy and that will be worth your time and money.eciate the support. Also, if you have a blog that you would like to be featured on http://howtogetadifferentblog.

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