Gauranteed success


 Gauranteed success

This was an excellent market for curing then, as well as becoming most successful, it was also, by far the safest. It being a market attuned to, and run by the citizens of the area, it was full of positivity, both in the look and feel of the market, and those attending it. It was a place where you could visit the kind, who would help you find the perfect gift; and their service was free of charge.

You need only describe what you were looking for, you didn't even need to mention magic, if you wanted something less evident. It was a fantastic place, and the people who ran it were even better. In fact, they were the reason the market could run so well. However, despite it being so safe and lucrative, it was also the riskiest living you could choose. It was a bad place to visit, it was a bad place to work, and was a bad place to stay.

Unfortunately for the people of the town, there were people who just didn't understand. They had little regard for the business, or the city, who themselves, simply took advantage of it. These people were constantly plotting, and a profitable living, for themselves, visited the town. Not only were they trying to ruin the work of the town, but were also looking to ruin the people of the town who paid good prices for their goods each week.

The people of the town were the worst kind of people you could imagine, and they were heavily involved in the magic community; they used magic to fleece people of everything they had, and fought any attempts to even try to take them to court.

The town was full of plans to make it less safe for market attendees, but for now, the people inside the market, had nothing to fear. For as long as the people in the town were as prevalent as they were, the sky remained dark for a long time.

The potter had known her neighbours for as long as she could remember. They came to the market each week, selling their wares to her, and purchasing the goods she had. They were the kindest, most amazing people in the town, and she simply could not imagine any other place she'd rather be than in their presence.

The market was run by the town, so the goods sold, or purchased, were based on the number of people who lived in the town. Even though it was known to be a very safe market, people from other towns and cities, who were visiting for various reasons, could sell and buy from the market too. However, there was a distinct lack of them, as they were often either discovered, or felt to be too risky a venture.

Not only did the market attract people from all over the land, it also brought in a lot of tourists from other dimensions, dimensions you would never imagine existed, but did. These people were the ones who made the market what it was. It was just not a place you'd choose to visit, or work at.

Although this didn't bother the potter one bit; she thoroughly enjoyed the company of her neighbours. However, she was always watching, because when you're as old as she was, you tend to. Sure enough, they had visitors again, on this week's market.

These visitors were a bit different to others they'd had, however, as they were also customers. The visitors purchased a lot of goods at this week's market, more than they had purchased at any other. However, the visitors were strange. They kept looking around, like they felt that someone was about to appear. Most of the time these fears believed to be caused by past dealings with those who came to the market each week.

The visitors were a family, and there were two little girls who came with the family who were the cutest things she had ever seen. The little girls, who the potter knew by name, were beautiful. However, even more beautiful than the girls, was the fact that the visitors were young, and buying so many wonderful goods. The visitors, as they came to be known as, didn't just buy, they brought their children with them, and spent a lot of time with the potter and her family.

The potter was the cutest little old lady in the world. Her neighbour's children adored her, and they even treated her like one of their own. The parents, however, treated her like they were friends with her, as well. The last time she visited the market, they had arrived with their daughter, as they bought a lot of her goods; they also purchased her services.

These visits, every week, became more frequent after the first.


The potter could barely believe it when the visitors came around again this week. It had been a long time since they had come to visit her, but they were back. For the first time in a long time, the visitors arrived before the market opened, and they came to visit the potter.

As the potter greeted them, the visitors came with a ridiculously expensive gift for the potter, but she didn't care about that. She hadn't seen her friends for so long, she was happy to see them.

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