Garage Sale Hints For Displaying Your Merchandise To Sell More


 Garage Sale Hints For Displaying Your Merchandise To Sell More

"Out of business, closing down Sale, going out of business" the faded store sign announced. Hand-painted on a windshield in white, the sign had a $4.95 price tag over it and below the words No Discounts. In the early morning, a man dressed in a suit and tie, a stocky man with a bullethead, slowly walked up to the store. A cigarette dangled from his lips, a half-smoked butt resting between his bottom remaining two fingers. He continued peeking into the store, looking inside the storefront window.

He was searching through bins looking for his one-piece bathing suit. He'd spent a lot of money on this bathing suit. The bathing suit was shiny white and like its description, was "spandex-like" and "very-breathable". He had special requirements. It had to be a one-piece. Front, back, and sides. It had to be snug and fit tightly to his body. It was a style he liked: a kind of cool and athletic one-piece.

He'd paid $29.99 for it, and of course, he'd paid for other merchandise, too. The man with the bullethead quickly found his bathing suit and tugged it from the narrow, vertical rectangular fish tank-like display. The woman behind the counter was staring at him in a strange way, a rather scared look in her eyes and almost preparing to attack. "Excuse me, sir,"' she said in a somewhat high-pitched voice, almost squeaky with a very slight stutter. "I must ask you to leave the store immediately. The store is out of business."

The woman continued staring at him with a frightened expression on her face. She grabbed the phone and dialed 911. She began talking to the operator in a quiet, but hurried and hurried tone of voice. "Someone dressed in a suit is removing merchandise from the store,' she whispered. "He's taking everything out. He's looking into all kinds of bins. The security cameras are on. I'm calling you now. And, the guy has a bullethead."

One of the security cameras, a black, plastic rectangle-shaped object, was moving around the store in a clockwise motion. It glided around the store with a regular rotation. The camera lens was a small, square, blue piece, and connected to a thick, black wire that entered the back of the rectangle-shaped camera. The camera was pivoting around in a smooth motion.

The camera had much of the store in view: above it, below it, in front of it, to its right side, left side, and behind it. The camera lens rarely ever stopped and stared directly down at the floor of the store. But, it did happen every once in a while. And every once in a while, the camera lens would stop and stare directly at the man with the bullethead.

The camera continued moving. Its wire frame and frame of its lens were hanging from the ceiling of the store, which was also its wall. It continued moving as the black, thin line that formed the long, rectangular fish tank-like shape continued moving in a clockwise motion. The line connecting the lens to the camera was in sight of its front side.

The lens of the camera continued rotating. Its blue lens was pointing down. The camera lens had a view of the floor and the side of one of the shelves.

The woman behind the counter was kept talking to the the 911 operator. Her eyes were wide open with fear. "The man is wearing a suit, a brown suit. He's bald and clenching some merchandise in his right hand. He's also smoking a cigarette, and it doesn't look like he's going to buy anything or leave. He's looking at me like he's going to attack me. He's looking at me a lot." She continued to stare at him, her eyes wide open.

The tripod-shaped security camera, thought the store manager, was moving too quickly. The lens of the camera was moving too quickly. She could not get a clear picture of the man with the bullethead. She could not clearly see him. She could not clearly see her merchandise. She could not clearly see her cash drawers.

"The guy with the bullethead. That guy in the brown suit. He's in charge," she said to the 911 operator.

The camera moved steadily in its own direction, on its own course, forward, backward, and to each side of its own path, forward, backward, and to each side of its very own path. The woman behind the counter looked at the man with a bullethead.

The bullethead man sucked upon his cigarette, a thin white stream of smoke rising from his mouth. He was over 6 feet tall, muscular, and had very little body fat. His body was muscular and he was strong. His shoulders, arms, and chest were very muscular. He was not old, but he was older than 25 years old. He was 35 years old. He was 35 years old, had an average-average appearance, was dark-skinned, had black eyes, and had a busy, strong, male-like jaw protruding slightly from his face. He wore a brown suit and a tie with a brown, long-sleeved shirt.


The store manager was the woman behind the counter. She was looking at the man with the bullethead. She was on the phone with 911. She described the bullethead man to the 911 operator. She described him to a great and remarkable detail.

"The guy with the bullethead. That guy in the brown suit, brown dress shirt, and tie, brown shoes, and brown watch," she said.

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