Gain an advantage with hyip investment


 Gain an advantage with hyip investment

On a hot summer day in the year, the most hectic month in human history, my partner and I went to see a movie. However, we saw a different movie than what we expected. We saw a movie with a story of two school girls. The movie was a class 10 film and the story was about two girls who were classmates, friends and wished to win the same project. Their group won the project. There were five groups of four; two from the same school and three from different schools. They decided to accept a money offer to attempt a project they would not normally do. It was a science project, which would require a lot of money and busy preparation. The offer was a huge sum of money, that in our time, would have been simply a fortune. The girl's school needed the money and saw it as an opportunity to get money. However, the girls' project caused serious damage to a lot of people, resulted in immense suffering, caused riots and devastation and even loss of lives. They were in deep trouble.

The project was handled completely by the girls. They had seven days to complete it, while they also did their school work. The three schools hosted a science fair which was very important to the girls. The project, apart from the science fair was all they thought about. They were very keen to win. Nevertheless, their project was supposed to be a weather project. They had very little time to study and learn at school. The project was really very good. However, the science fair was very bad at all. It was a total mess. The four host schools were disappointed and so were the sponsors. The judges were not at all happy and were afraid for their lives at the results. Nevertheless, two other schools were not really happy with the quality of their own projects and were worried about their final grades. But the major losing party was a private party. They lost their big sponsor. The money was taken by the private party. The public party was the competitions' major sponsor and wanted the money returned. However, the private business wanted to the next sponsor. The sponsors were expected to be back for the next competition. So, the private business did not want the competition to go well. They wanted to make people believe that the competition was not important nor prestigious. They wanted to make people believe that the competition was not worth anyone's time. It was a small no-one's event.

However, the highest rated girl in the class was not supposed to take part in the project. She was to be a judge. However, she did not participate. She was not expected to take part. She was not even meant to be in the competition. It was highly possible that she would not even be in the competition. She was the model. Her group was runner-up, few places away from first place. She was there for the photographs. She had already signed on for the same with various magazines, who were interested to pay her for her participation in the competition.

The private party would not rely on the private party's money to pay them if there was a loss. Their money would be a loan, and the private party would expect an interest for the money. Therefore, the private business thought that joining in the project was a good and lucrative offer. They would make it look as though the girls' project was not worth anyone's time. They would make them appear as losers and foolish, who should not have taken part in the competition. They would make sure that their sponsors won't waste their precious time and money on this "festival."

It was a mean and nasty trick. For someone to involve themselves in a competition or a project without the knowledge of the sponsors, for someone to pretend to be in the spirit of the competition, or for someone to participate in the project without the knowledge of the sponsors and for then to not even mention about it was was hype, for this was fraud. It was not the goal of the school. The private party wanted to destroy the competition's spirit.

The private party would have trusted the private party's money, they were respected sponsors and had nothing to lose if they lost. This was not the case. The private party suffered a huge loss by trusting the private party's money. The private sponsors were working hard also to convince people to trust their money. They were doing their best to maintain the standards of their sponsors, which had propelled them to a first place.

The operation was conducted by the private party. They decided to make the reputation of the school and the competition. They made the school look bad. The private party wanted the crime known.


The private party ruined the competition's reputation. The private party persuaded the school to accept the private party's money. This occurred in our country.

The private party was a team of five private citizens. They took a huge amount of money from the public for the operation (The fake operation). However, their actual goal was to destroy the reputation of the school, of the competition and everything which was associated with the operation.

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