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 From Better To Best - Corporate Branding

I hate it when my cup of water slips from my grasp and is lost in the swirl of air. The sound of the liquid slapping against the tiles of the kitchen floor ever so faintly echos with a deafening sound when the water finally has lost its chance to splash and soak my shoes.

A quick grimace of irritation washes over my face as the thought consumes me with want: the water that is forever lost in my home never making it directly to me.

My wife Eva, bags under her eyes and her face pale and bruised from the fight we had last night, walks behind me and leans in close to me. She whispers in my ear, "why don't you pour your cup of water into another cup? You know it won't take much time at all to do so. Besides I noticed the water on the floor is making the tiles dull in color."

I look at her with a nonchalant expression, knowing what she is up to. I hold her shoulder as we stand in an embrace, sensing my wife's need to be loved in the middle of the night.

"Eva." I exclaimed in silence. "Placing a cup of water into another cup just isn't the same as pouring water on the floor. You try doing it too and you'll know what I mean."

I turned around and sat on the kitchen bench beside the wall, keeping my back up against it, trying to keep both my wife and the water off my mind.

Eva rummaged through the cutlery drawer and pulled out the largest dinner knife. "If the cup of water wasn't intended to reach you, then attempt doing it with your shoes" she said.

I turned around to face her and she was standing beside the kitchen bench, on top of the tiles that were stained from the shattered glass of water. She smiled at me with a fiendish grin.

"No. I'll walk the long distance to the sink to fill my cup of water." I replied. I emptied the contents of the cup into the sink before taking another cup and filling it with water.

Eva walked over to me and leaned in my ear, whispering," by the time you're back will we still be married?"

I placed the cup of water down on the bench beside me, and turned to face her. I pulled my shoulders back and smoothed out my shirt, and sat straight up in an arrogant posture.

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. After the briefest moment of silence, I said, "no. It was the right thing to do."

She looked at me with pure disgust on her face and asked, "do you even know why we are marriage?"

I knew we are married because I am the husband and Eva is the wife. The design of creation has been set in order. But I didn't feel like telling her the whole reason. I had a feeling she was just being antagonistic tonight.

"Yes. Because I am the husband and you are the wife. You shouldn't ask me that question. You shouldn't be asking me almost any questions!"

Eva had a dreamy look in her eyes, like she suddenly thought of something.

"I know what you should do." she said with a smile on her face.

"Oh! Really?" I replied with a mocking tone of voice.

"Yes. Here's what you should do." she said with a sly face.

"What?" I asked.

"You should pour the rest of the cup of water out on the floor."

Oh what a brilliant idea. I was beginning to see her logic behind her really good idea. I bent down to pick the cup up and held it in my hands. I poured the remainder of the water on the floor and walked out of the kitchen.

Eva walked over to me and took me by the shoulders. She urged me down to my knees, putting me in a catatonic state as she tapped on my head. The rest of that night Eva was the one pouring the cup of water.

"Do you think our marriage has to be this stress-filled and complicated?" I ask Eva with the hope in my voice.

She didn't answer, instead held me in a tight embrace. This is the part where she rubs my back and speaks tenderly to me. I know what's in her mind. There is something wrong with me. She is thinking I am a spoiled, bratty kid and I need to be told what to do. And Eva is right. I do need to be told what to do.

The next morning

Eva was in the kitchen, making breakfast and I was resting upstairs, watching her cook.

Conclusion: I went downstairs, and Eva slapped me across the face.

I looked at her with a dazed face. "what!?

"Go upstairs, get ready for work." she said with a calm voice.

"No" I replied.

Eva returned to her cooking and I walked towards the fridge.

"What did you just say to me?" she exclaimed.

"Mmm, Oh! I said 'No' no." I said and walked towards the fridge.

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