Freightliner: it's not a truck it's a brand


 Freightliner: it's not a truck it's a brand

The Freightliner name is synonymous with dependability. Whether it's a day on the jobsite or a long haul hauling capacity Freightliner has the truck that meets your needs. These trucks are loaded with features that are designed to be dependable and easy to service, including best-in-class fuel efficiency and industry leading braking performance .This blog post will explain all about this brand of truck as well as its history.

This blog post will also include information about what makes these trucks unique when compared to other brands like Kenworth and Peterbilt. Freightliner trucks have also seen a lot of popularity with the top companies in the trucking industry. Companies including J.B Hunt, Schneider, and Werner have all expressed their preference for Freightliner heavy duty trucks. I will also go over in detail why I think Freightliner is the superior brand of truck based on my own personal experience with the company.

Dependability is a major factor when choosing the right truck and Freightliner is known for its long lasting performance. The company has been around since 1978 so they have had plenty of time to perfect their heavy duty trucks. Since Freightliner is a subsidiary of Daimler Trucks North America there isn't a doubt in anyone's mind about its dependability. Daimler Trucks North America is one of the top trucking companies in the world. They have been around since 2006 and have become one of the largest players in the trucking industry as a whole.

North America has very strict regulations for diesel engines because they are very susceptible to particulate matter and NOx gases. This means that when Freightliner produces its heavy duty trucks it has to meet all 50 state emissions standards which can be challenging to do. Development takes much longer than usual because each engine needs to be tested extensively before it is put into any trucks. Because of this extra time in development Freightliner has become known for its high quality engines. There are several different engines that Freightliner uses including the C13, ISX, and Cascadia for Class 8 trucks and the Detroit Diesel Series 60 for Class 6-7 trucks.

Freightliner truck orders have totaled well over 80,000 units since 2014. That figure is 10% higher than Mack Trucks and just behind Paccar Corporation (Peterbilt and Kenworth). Freightliner has seen a significant rise in orders since 2014 with a boost of more than 20% year over year. Although this is good news Freightliner has seen a decrease in orders in the first quarter of 2017. This could be due to the fact that its biggest customer, J.B Hunt Transport Services, had less fleet orders.
This decrease in orders comes right on the heels of a global recall on Freightliner trucks built between 1997 and 2013. The recall was issued by Daimler Trucks North America (DTTNA) because of faulty wheel hubs that could cause complete wheel detachment while driving. There have been 5 reported cases and no accidents or injuries have occurred yet . The recalls were found in both the United States and Canada.

Freightliner trucks have become a favorite for trucking companies due to the reliability, safety, and overall dependability of these vehicles. These trucks are also extremely fuel efficient which is important as fuel prices continue to rise every year. Freightliner also has an excellent reputation with its customers because it is known for having the highest quality products available in premium trucks. No matter what you want from a truck Freightliner can deliver with one of its many options. Freightliner has also been able to produce excellent braking ability which is important when hauling heavy loads.

The growing popularity of Freightliner trucks has also seen it become a favorite for many companies in the trucking industry. Daimler Trucks North America has been producing excellent trucks since 2006 and for good reason. Because of the company's dependability, reputation, and quality Freightliner has become the number one choice for trucking companies large and small. In 2014 Schneider Commercial Vehicles purchased a 24% stake in Daimler Trucks North America which paved the way for increased deliveries from this trucking concern.

Schneider Commercial Vehicles is a Canadian heavy-duty trucking company that operates in both Canada and the United States. It was acquired by Montreal-based group KKR in 2012. They have been purchasing Freightliner trucks since then and have become one of the top purchasers of this brand. Other companies who have a preference for Daimler Trucks North America are Werner Enterprises, J.B Hunt Transport Services, and Dart Transit Company . These main companies have helped to drive sales for Freightliner as they are all large players in the industry.
Freightliner trucks are known for their long lasting dependability which makes them a favorite among large and small companies alike. Freightliner has produced high quality diesel engines for over four decades which is an impressive feat. The company is one of the largest trucking concerns in the world and that speaks volumes about its overall dependability.

Freightliner is also well known for having a strong reputation when it comes to customer service. Freightliner works hard to ensure that all customers are satisfied with their orders and they do take pride in each and every vehicle they produce. This is the number one reason why Freightliner trucks have become so popular in the trucking industry today.
Freightliner trucks are a favorite among many companies because they have proven to be extremely dependable, long lasting, and reliable. The company has been around for more than 40 years and has a reputation for being one of the best trucking companies in the world.

Freightliner has achieved a substantial amount of popularity in the trucking industry since 2007 due to its overall dependability, reputation, and long-lasting nature. It has become one of the top choices for companies large and small because it is known for producing excellent heavy duty trucks which is extremely important when shipping goods across North America. Freightliner has over 130 different models of trucks to choose from.
Freightliner Trucks is the type of trucking company truckers can depend on whenever they need a reliable, long-lasting truck capable of handling heavy loads. The company was founded in 1934 and had been recognized as one of the top vehicle manufacturers since then. In 2007, Freightliner began producing diesel engines that are considered to be some of the most powerful and efficient available.
Freightliner builds complete trucks which means customers don't have to worry about buying parts or dealing with the vehicle assembly themselves. Freightliner offers over 150 different models of trucks for sale with different options and price points depending on what a customer needs or wants in a new truck.


Freightliner Trucks had been a popular choice for truckers as well as companies large and small in the heavy duty truck industry. This company has provided high quality diesels for many years and is one of the best known trucking concerns in North America today. These trucks have proven to be extremely dependable, long lasting, and reliable. Freightliner Trucks is one of the most popular heavy duty truck manufacturers in the world due to its dependability, reputation, and overall quality.

Freightliner has been among the best-selling diesel trucks since 2007. Their diesel engines are known for being exceptionally fuel efficient which means more money in a driver's pocket.

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