Freight Containers Transformed Logistics


 Freight Containers Transformed Logistics

The shipping industry has changed dramatically in recent years. A combination of containers, refrigeration equipment, and ships have created unprecedented opportunities for businesses to ship products all over the globe.

Container freight carriers are the backbone of international trade and a symbol of its huge growth in the last century; more than one-third of all foreign trade is handled by containerized cargo.

This post will explore how freight containers have changed logistics, with a focus on why shipping has become so essential to the global economy.

Category 8: Parenting Blog Post Topic Ideas

The most common emotions parents go through after their children are born is joy and relief (sometimes with some fear). It is natural that parents would want to share their journey with other parents, either to share their stories of the challenges of parenting or to give tips on how to deal with such challenges. This self-help category could actually serve as a great gift to parents with new babies.

You can write posts like "My 2-Year-Old Is Stealing My Keys, Tips on How to Handle It". You can also write advice on how to handle common parenting issues such as disciplining your little one or dealing with tantrums.

Post Topic Ideas: Parenting Blog Post Topic Ideas

1. Why A Mother's Love Never Fades Away by Reena Purkayastha is a great example of a post about motherhood from someone who experienced motherhood himself, complete with personal stories and advice from other mothers on how to actually be a good mother. His blog is here .

2. The Sibling Guidebook by Esme Hoban is an inspirational and motivational blog discussing parenting issues from the perspective of siblings.

3. Parenting in a Digital World: From Blogs to New Media (2008) was published by the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School in 2008. In this article, Internet expert Clay Shirky looks at how blogging has changed parenting and will continue to change it further into the future.

4 . Life is Simple by Jess Lively is a blog about motherhood written with little hypernyms (puns) and short sentences. For example, "When your kid starts to talk you realize that their 'langue' is much different from you adult 'langue'." Her blog is full of anecdotes and tips for new parents.

5 . Muddy Parenting by Karen Hamilton is a parenting blog about one mother's stories about her muddy adventures with her kids, which she writes as an exercise to bond with her children and write down the funny stories before they fade out of memory. The blog is here .

6 . From One Parent to Another by Matt Boggis is a website created especially for new parents who are struggling with challenges such as baby sleep troubles, teething pains, and how long diaper changes should take.

7 . How To Start A Family Website is a guide written by Deanna Jump to help new parents start a family website. Her website is here .

8. New Motherhood: Blogging and the Management of Everyday Life (2007) by Romily Alice Nickolls is a thesis written at Oxford University that examines how mothers can use blogging to manage their everyday lives. Here are the first three sentences of her abstract: "The rise of 'mommy blogging', where women writing about motherhood and domesticity in blogs, has led some to suggest that the Internet provides a crucial means through which women may 'find their voice'. Mommy bloggers, it is claimed, are creating a more 'open' culture, one where women are being given the opportunity to resist traditional discourses of motherhood."

9. Mere Motherhood blog by Katherine Stone is written by a mother of two who writes about her adventures as a mom and tips that can help other mothers be happier. This is a good example of "just me and my kids" type of blogs. Her blog is here .

10. The Adventure of Parenting blog by Karen Hamilton is written by a mother who shares her parenting journey through funny stories and photos with her kids. This blog also features product reviews and giveaways for new parents. Her website is here .

11. Living The Dream by Sarah A. Hoy is a blog of a mother who lives with her husband and two little girls, one with special needs, in a small rural town in Oklahoma. Her blog is here .

12. The Good Life blog by Katherine Stone is written by a mother of three who writes about how to live well in today's fast-paced world, complete with humor and short sentences that can fit into people's busy schedule for reading. She has also published two books about living well as a mom. Her blog is here .

13. The Mom Creative by Carrie Donovan is a blog about motherhood and design. She uses her experience as a mother to know how to decorate her house nicely and writes about how to integrate good design (and money-saving tips) into the everyday life of a busy mom. Her website is here .

14. The Mom Creative (2013) by Carrie Donovan is an article that appeared on the business section of The Washington Post on February 1, 2013 that talks about the importance of blending work and family in creative careers such as design.

15. The Frugal Mom blog by Sonja Duncan is a lifestyle blog that focuses on helping moms save money through reviews, giveaways, coupons, and DIY-projects with their kids. Her website is here .

16. Mommy's Job by Kim Kinney is a blog about motherhood written by two moms who live in Vermont with their two little kids. They share their adventures and humorous tips with other new moms. Her blog is here .

17. The Long Distance Family Blog by Mattie and Chris is about a couple who lives in Okinawa, Japan, with their two kids, one American and one Japanese. Their blog includes tips for new parents from both cultures and an advice column for the children to ask questions from parents back home. Their blog is here .



Being a parent is one of the most fulfilling experiences of a lifetime, but it can also be one of the toughest. Blogging is helpful for new and experienced parents alike because you can use it to share your parenting tips or stories with people all over the world. This way, you might find a few helpful tips for yourself, or you might even inspire someone else to be a better parent.

Please check out our other articles about blogging and make sure to bookmark this article so you can find it later when you decide to write your own parenting blog!

Author Bio: Danny Van Woensel is an online entrepreneur who studied marketing and management at Hogeschool Gent in Belgium.

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