Free Tools For Your Website


 Free Tools For Your Website

Some websites are very successful because they offer their visitors a number of free tools and applications, the most popular of which are probably Google Analytics and WordPress.

Google Analytics is software that allows site owners to monitor how their website is performing over time. It's really important if you want to keep your site looking good! Don't worry; there are tons of tutorials online on how to set up Google Analytics without any coding knowledge. WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms, and it is definitely worth considering when you are starting your blog or website. WordPress offers a lot of free plugins that can be used to add extra functionality to your site.

This article will show you how to install the two top free tools for your website so that you can gain an insight into how it's performing over time.

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics has been around for a while and it is now by far the most popular tool available today to help webmasters monitor their traffic and website performance. Installing Google Analytics on your website is a very easy process and it won't take you more than 10 minutes.

First thing's first, go to, click on Sign-In, and then click the button "Get started". Then, enter your email address and password.

Then select "An account with Google Analytics is required". Click on "Create a New Account", and then choose your preferred Analytics tracking code method (there are 3 options: Google Universal Tracking, Analytics Scripts, and Google Tag Manager). Click on "Get Tracking ID" for whichever option you've chosen.

This is where you will enter your website URL (make sure you type it in the right way!). Usually there's a blue button that says "Get Tracking ID" or similar. You can copy and paste the tracking code into your website, or you can simply scroll down the page and click on the button that says "Copy to clipboard". Be careful when copying because there are usually errors within the code – these can be fixed later in Google Analytics settings.

Then copy the code into your website. Make sure it's above the <head> tag on your website. Here is a screenshot of how it should look like:

2. WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms and it offers an amazing number of free plugins that can be used to add extra functionality to your site. Installing WordPress couldn't be easier: visit their website , click on "Create a free account", and then fill out the details in their "Sign Up" form. Once you have logged in, click on "Plugins" from the left panel and then click "Add New".

Enter your email address and password, then click on "Install Now". On the next page you will be asked to choose a theme. Click on "Install Now" again, and then go back to the WordPress dashboard.

If you are new to WordPress, we recommend using a nice "starter" theme and installing no more than 5 plugins at a time so that you can test everything before installing potentially disruptive plugins. Here is an example of an ideal starter theme: Twenty Eleven by Automattic. It keeps things really simple while still looking good enough. All you need to do is install this theme and then install no more than 5 WordPress plugins (no matter what kind of plugins they are).

1. Google Analytics

Below are screenshots of what should be happening on your WordPress dashboard when you install Google Analytics:

2. WordPress SEO (Search Engine Optimizations)

It's time to get serious: WordPress SEO is an absolute must if you want to be successful in today's competitive market. The process of installing a plugin for WordPress SEO can feel like a complex maze, but the good news is that it really isn't! In fact, all you need to do is follow 3 simple steps and your site will be optimized for search engines in no time. Here are the steps: Click here to go to our step-by-step guide on how to install a plugin for WordPress SEO . Follow the 3 steps as described in our guide, and then let us know if you have any questions!

Most of the time your WordPress SEO plugin will automatically configure itself and do exactly what you need it to do. If not, there is a fantastic support forum that you can use to get help from whoever is online at any given moment. Just remember to be courteous and polite – everyone on that forum is trying to help people just like you!

3. Google Adsense for Content (GAfC)

This awesome plugin allows you to display targeted ads on your website based on your content. It's what makes Google Adsense so powerful! It's also very easy to install:

Click here to download GAfC . Rename the file to "". Open the new zip file and then extract the folder. Then click on "Upload Plugin" from your WordPress plugins section, click on "Install Now", and then click on activate. You should see a success message like this:

4. W3 Total Cache for WordPress (W3TC) + CloudFlare CDN

When you're running a website, it's important to optimize your content delivery network so that all of your visitors can enjoy faster page loading times without feeling like it takes an age for them to load. W3 Total Cache and CloudFlare have teamed up to give you one of the fastest WordPress hosting networks around.

W3 Total Cache provides a lot of great caching features that will save you time when you're working on your website. Here are some examples of what it includes:

Easy implementation of caching using W3 Total Cache's easy-to-use interface.

A built-in minify feature available through W3 Total Cache's interface, which will make your site load faster.

Conclusion: Every WordPress website should be using W3 Total Cache and CloudFlare CDN. It's a smart investment that will save you hours of development time, money, and make your site load faster than ever before!

5. All in One SEO Pack + Yoast SEO for WordPress (Yoast)

All in One SEO Pack is a great little plugin that helps you optimize your website for search engines using metadata (for example: title tags). This plugin is designed to work together with Yoast SEO – a more powerful plugin that gives you much more control over search engine optimization than All in One SEO Pack can provide.

Click here to download All in One SEO Pack . Click here to download Yoast SEO .

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