Free Publicity For Your Landscaping Business


 Free Publicity For Your Landscaping Business

You have a landscaping business, but you're not getting the attention you deserve:

There are so many lawn care companies in your area that it's hard for anyone to hear about yours.
You think about the extra money you could be making, but the idea of hiring a publicist just seems like too much work.
Or maybe you've already reached out to local media outlets with no success and it seems like they never heard of your company! The only thing these scenarios have in common is that they all involve a lack of publicity for your business.
What to do?
If you've made it this far, that's a good sign. You want to get the word out about your business and you're willing to put in the effort to make it happen.
So, how can you make sure that you get attention for your business? How can you stand out from all those other lawn care companies in your area and make sure that your name stays top of mind when potential customers have a choice? Is there anything that you can do, aside from hiring a publicist, which will help ensure success with your landscaping company? Let me count the ways!
Do Your Research
The first thing I would recommend is figuring out who is already getting attention in your area. Do you live in a community where there are a few newspapers that cater to businesses and residents? Do you have a local TV channel that regularly runs stories on landscaping topics? Is there someone who comes out with regular press releases letting your area know about the latest news in your industry?
If you can keep up with what's already being covered in the press, that will help you know what it is that people already want to know more about. That will also give you ideas on where to go next when trying to find out how to get publicity for your landscaping business.
When I moved into my new home, one of the first things I did was reach out to a few neighbors who were expanding their own landscaping businesses. I knew that I wanted to get some business and I was hopeful that they might have some tips on how to do it. After all, they were the ones who had done it before and would know what worked well for them.
They did, and boy did they have a lot of great advice! They sent me to the local "Ask the Expert" column in their newspaper (my area also had such a column) which was full of tips on how to handle different topics that came up in the news. They pointed me towards the Public Works section in their local government publication where I found information about things like town beautification requirements, fertilizer sales tax credits, and even about new products for my lawn. I was able to get information about the very people in my area that I would be doing business with!
The amazing thing about all of this is that it cost me no money at all. All of these news outlets were free and they were full of information that I could use to get publicity for my business.
I'm not saying you can ignore paid advertising. You definitely need to think about where your target audience hangs out in order to effectively buy ads, but don't forget there are plenty of other places you can go for free publicity in your area. So explore those options first before deciding on a plan for how to get more people talking about your business.
If you have the time and a little extra money, then hiring a publicist might be a good choice for you. This can be really effective for targeting specific groups at events or to get you published in more specialized media outlets that you generally wouldn't reach on your own.
If you don't have the time or money, then try out some of these other options first. You'll be promoting your business without spending extra money and without sacrificing your valuable time.
What Can You Do?
You may already have some great ideas about how to get publicity for your landscaping business, but if not, here are a few things that I've seen work well in the past:
Host an event.
Whether it's a free seminar or a hands-on garden workshop, hosting an event where you can get your name out there will make sure you aren't just advertising your business, but providing practical information for people who might be interested in it.
If this is something that you are considering doing for your landscaping business, then be sure to check out my piece on how to find a good event sponsor .
Run a social media contest.
If you run contests on Facebook and Twitter regularly, do an anonymous survey about what kind of things people are hoping to hear about from the people in their area and make sure that this information gets posted on your page regularly.
I've seen numerous businesses do this and it has helped them to become more well known as a result.
Have a blog.
It's my favorite way to get publicity for my business, but I can see how it may not be appropriate for everyone. I'm here to tell you that having a blog is not only possible, but publishing a weekly post on your business matters can bring you much more attention than even having your business featured in local media coverage.
But don't worry if your business isn't suited for blogging yet! There are plenty of other ways you can get publicity for your landscaping business without needing to have a blog on the internet of your own which is what I will talk about next.
Submit your business to a directory.
If you have a neighborhood business directory, then it might be worth getting on the list of businesses in your area and having them promote your business to potential customers.
While this won't bring you much attention at first, it will help people find you if they are looking for local landscaping services.
Host a free seminar at your home.
You can host a free seminar for potential customers about landscaping knowledge or information about the products that you use in the yard . This can be even more effective if you already have a relationship with these people, but don't worry if you don't. It's still something that you can do to get the word out about your business.
If getting free advertising for your landscaping business is important to you, then make sure that you are using the above tools and other resources to promote your company. I guarantee that it will make a big difference in how many people know who you are!
I'd love to hear from all of you.
What methods have you used to get publicity for your landscaping business? Have you ever gotten free advertising that you didn't pay for?
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And that is how to get publicity for your landscaping business. I hope you have enjoyed this piece and feel so empowered to succeed in getting more people talking about your company or blog in the future.
If you are looking for a certain tool or resource that will help in how to get publicity for your landscaping business, then be sure to leave a comment below and let me know what you need help finding.
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I'm thrilled that we've come up with such a wonderful topic to talk about together today – How To Get Publicity For Your Lawn Care Business .

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