Fire Safety in the Workplace


 Fire Safety in the Workplace

It's important to make sure your workplace is fire-safe so you can continue conducting business if a fire ever occurs. Be sure to keep an eye out for the following danger zones when it comes to your work space:

1) The safest location in the building is on the bottom floor with windows that open and a door that leads outside. Designate this area as an evacuation route, and ensure everyone can easily access it during emergency situations. Place emergency exits signs near this doorway in each stairwell, as well as exit lights on each side of the doorway leading out of it. Make sure everyone who works in this area has instructions on how to evacuate should an emergency occur, and keep a fire extinguisher nearby. This is the safest way to ensure you'll be able to get out of your building.

2) The next best place is down the hallway or at least not too close to any windows that could shatter during explosions. If possible, install a sprinkler system in your building (which typically costs less than $100 per sprinkler head) so that it makes sure there's plenty of water and flushing enough water should the fire catch on.

3) Install smoke detectors in every location where people work, including closets and stairwells. Test them often so that they're never faulty when an emergency occurs, and make sure your employees know what to do when one goes off.

4) If a fire does occur, you should evacuate the building immediately. Make sure you have a hard hat (to protect your head from falling objects), goggles, gloves and an extra layer of clothing on just in case the fire gets too close or intense. Your goal should be to exit the building as quickly as possible, taking nothing with you.

As long as you take these precautions, you'll be able to continue working if a fire ever occurs.

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Title: Car Accidents - How to Avoid Them

By: Law Offices of Robert Vaage Published: Jul 27, 2014 Length: 5 mins Save as PDF

Car Accidents - How to Avoid Them by Robert Vaage - Jul 27, 2014 5 mins! Car Accidents - How to Avoid Them It's important to follow the law when driving your car. You should always make sure to pay attention to the road and any risks that could occur before you begin driving. Here are some safety tips:

1) Always drive below the speed limit and avoid tailgating. Tailgating is when someone follows closely behind another driver too closely and can cause a car accident. Also, if you get too close for comfort, it's common courtesy to move over just a little bit so other drivers can pass.

2) Do not drive if you're drunk or drugged. If your driver's licence has been suspended, or you've been convicted of driving while intoxicated (DWI), then don't drive. You should also never drive if you're sleeping, and never ever text or call someone while you're driving. It's the easiest way to cause a car accident.

3) Always pay attention to those around you. Use your turn signals and keep your eyes on the road so that you can avoid any accidents before they occur. Always be aware of other drivers who are using their cell phones while they drive too. These are major causes of car accidents in Florida, because your attention is completely taken away from driving when you're on the phone and not paying attention to the road in front of you.

4) If a car accident ever occurs, do not leave the scene without exchanging information with other drivers and witnesses. You could help identify who was at fault, and it could make it easier for authorities to trace the person who caused the accident.

5) Always buckle up, wear your seatbelt and be careful when you're driving in the rain. This is extremely important, because you should never trust your safety to another driver.

6) If you feel unsafe while behind the wheel, pull over to a safe place and call an Uber or cab instead of driving home drunk or with a hangover. It's always better and safer to do things like this than putting yourself in harm's way by continuing to drive after you've been drinking or are hungover if this becomes necessary for whatever reason.

7) If you've been the victim of a car accident, try to take clear pictures at the scene. This will help your attorney identify the vehicle in question so he or she can begin gathering information and evidence to build your case.

8) Last but not least, don't take risks while you're driving! Red lights, signs and other vehicles should always be obeyed, so that you can avoid an accident altogether.

If you or someone close to you has been involved in a car accident or injured while working, contact our firm for a free legal consultation at 800-800-5678 . You can find out more about what we do by visiting .

Title: Motorcycle Accidents - How to Avoid Them

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Motorcycle Accidents - How to Avoid Them by Robert Vaage - Jul 22, 2014 4 mins! Motorcycle Accidents - How to Avoid Them You may think you're a safe driver, but there are many risks associated with driving a motorcycle. Here are some safety tips that can help you avoid a motorcycle accident.

1) Always wear your helmet and protective gear. This will help keep you safe in case you get into an accident and prevent any unnecessary injuries.

2) Keep your motorcycle in good shape. This will help keep you safe and avoid any mechanical issues that could lead to an accident. Under-inflated tires can cause dangerous wobbles, for example.

3) Try not to exceed the speed limit on this vehicle, since it's much faster than a car or truck and may make you more likely to crash.

4) If a rider gets sick or injured during a motorcycle accident, there are steps they should take such as calling 911 immediately so that they don't lose consciousness while they're trying to drive home or contact their insurance company as soon as possible.


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Title: Workplace Accidents - Avoiding Them

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Workplace Accidents - Avoiding Them by Robert Vaage - Jul 21, 2014 3 mins! Workplace Accidents - Avoiding Them A work injury or occupational disease that occurs on the job or at the worksite can be devastating.

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