Finding A Work From Home Data Entry Job


 Finding A Work From Home Data Entry Job

There are a ton of jobs available for people looking to work from home. Just search the internet for "data entry at home" and you'll have no shortage of results from legitimate companies. But not all data entry jobs are created equally, so you may need to do some research if working from home is a priority for you.

Some people will be better off searching for freelance jobs offered by individuals or small businesses that need help with word processing, bookkeeping or data entry. These types of freelancers tend to charge lower rates than larger companies, which can make them especially attractive if your finances are tight when trying to make ends meet.

So what kind of data entry jobs will you find if you search for them? The answer is as varied as the companies that are advertising them. Some will be offering typing or transcription services, and others will offer to assist with designing a database from scratch, or ensuring that one is up-to-date. You might even be asked to enter information into a Word document or Excel spreadsheet based on directions given to you by someone completing a purchase over the phone.

The pay rates for these types of data entry jobs vary, but they're often high due to the fact that there are so many people looking for home-based work. A lot of freelance companies have been paid large sums to transcribe speeches, handle the sales process for a specific company or research the data on which companies are doing well.

The best part about data entry jobs is that you can choose when you want to work. As long as an employer has a certain amount of data entry work going on, there will be someone available to help as always. And as long as that work keeps coming in, you won't be without a job. If you feel like your need for money is less urgent, but still want to make money from home at least some of the time, look into setting up your own home business as a virtual assistant or freelancer.

People who work as virtual assistants or freelance contractors can often make money from home by getting projects and tasks that are important to their clients. You're in complete control of your schedule, so you know when you want to work. And you can work as much or as little as you need to, depending on how busy your clients are, what kind of service they require, and how much time tolerance you have.

If a business hires a virtual assistant or contractor they will expect them to complete all the tasks that were given to them, either before or after the fact. There might be some overhead costs with customer management software, such as email lists and some payments for customer support calls. But the marketing and advertising costs are generally minimal, so these businesses are dedicated to saving money.

A virtual assistant or freelancer can work a schedule that works best for them. If they have family commitments they can plan their time around those obligations. And if they're a night person, they can work around the hours that will allow them to get up in the morning and get back to work again before others arrive for the day. You can also set your own hours when working for virtual assistants or freelancers as there is nothing stopping you from working during all of your waking hours on days when you need cash fast. All you'll really need is access to a computer, an internet connection and a working phone line.

The online freelance world allows you to communicate with your clients, get paid and get the work done. There are few limits to what you can do for these types of businesses, so if you can type words into a computer that gets data entered into a database, then this is an option for you. You're not limited to one type of work or one sort of clientele; there are countless possibilities as long as you have the technical skills to do the job.

It's important that you can do the work required, and be able to meet deadlines. And be prepared for client feedback – it goes both ways when working through an online service like this one. Some clients will be demanding, while others will have the opposite problem. Some may take a long time to pay you, while others will expect you to work faster than is possible.

If you can put up with this and still stay on top of your work, your next step will be to maximize your profits for yourself. Look for more opportunities online and keep a list of all the customers in your contact list that are happy with the work that you've done for them. When business is slow you can send out an email blast or make a phone call and tell them about what's new with the business – and ask if there are any projects they might need help with.

If you're a virtual assistant or freelancer, you have the opportunity to receive jobs from anywhere in the world. Some would prefer to meet clients face-to-face, especially if they're US based and want to be able to show them around their office. If you can't find enough work through the internet, then check back at your local newspaper or community newspaper and see if there's any adverts available that are designed specifically for people willing to work from home as a virtual assistant or freelancer.

Visit a local employment agency; this is where many people look for the jobs they want when the internet isn't an option. Simply tell them you're willing to work from home and you'll be happy to show them samples of your work. You'll need to complete an application for each job vacancy you want, but don't worry too much about being turned down or disqualified because most people looking for jobs in this field won't be able to do the types of jobs you can do from your home.

You can also get clients by handing out business cards at local networking events or any other event where customers are present. Just make sure there's something on the card that makes you look more attractive than other potential candidates – a small logo or slogan if possible. This can really help you to stand out from the crowd. Don't sell your services based on price – explain why the jobs you're offering are so great, and have a quick back-up plan in case they don't need your services as much as you think they might.

Write a list of all of your clients and contact information in a small notebook or on a computer document. If you're carrying a mobile phone, make sure that it has enough battery life so that you can always stay in touch. This way, you'll be ready to accept any job offers that come your way.


You can easily make money from home working from computer programs and internet sites. If you have a computer and internet access, you can use online services such as the ones listed previously to get work whenever you want. You do not have to go out and buy all the tools that are available.

The skills required for getting work through these means is often more basic than what you would need if you were going out in search of a full-time job. However, they are often very flexible and offer the convenience of working at a time that suits your needs.

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