Finding a Call Center Job


 Finding a Call Center Job

Call center jobs can be an excellent way for aspiring office workers to get their foot in the door, learn a new skill set, earn some cash, and gain experience before seeking a more permanent position. And when it comes to finding these jobs, there are a few key words that you need if you want any hope of success: networking.

In this blog post we'll tell you what type of work is available and how to best prepare yourself for the job hunt. We'll even give you some tips on how to find call centers near you! So go ahead and take the plunge — whether it's right now or sometime in the future — with these 37 best websites to learn something new.

1. AllSet Learning Center
2. American Job Center Network
3. CareerBuilder
4. EmergeUSA (Emerge)
5. EV Group
6. MyJobSearch (MyJobSearch)
7. OneAmerica (OneAmerica)
8. Phoenix Joblink (PHXJL)
9. Regional New England Networking Centers (RNEWC)
10. SmartOpps (SmartOpps)
11. SuperSite for Human Resources Online Learning Center (SHRM-OLC) Source: SuperSite for Human Resources – Online Learning Center(click to enlarge).
11.. The Business Journals (BizJournals)
12. TheCallCenterLady
13. U.S. Department of Labor – CareerOneStop (CareerOneStop)
14. Vocational Guidance (Vocational Guidance)
15. WorkInCalls Source: Work in Calls(click to enlarge). 16. Call Center Jobs, Inc
17. ClickTale Blogs about Call Centers, available through ClickTale's blog aggregator 18 . ClickTale Blogs on Management and Leadership 19 . LinkedIn Groups specializing in call center jobs and careers 20 . (Monster)
22. DirectEmployers
23. Employer Hub
24. Employerswwit(EmployersWWIT)
25. JobsInCalls (JiC) Source: Jobs In Calls(click to enlarge). 26. With Call Center Careers, you'll find a list of jobs available in the call center industry, with current job postings and descriptions for each position 27 . CareerBuilder – Job Search Results (CareerBuilder). The latest hiring announcements from leading employers across the country 28 . International Business Times features stories about the most well-known global call centers 29 . The New York Times highlights H-1B visa programs and proposes reforms 30 . TechCrunch reports on a new startup that wants to upend the call center business model 31 . The Washington Post takes a look at what it takes to land a top-paying customer service job 32 . The Wall Street Journal puts a spotlight on some of the many perks of working in call centers 33 . In The New Yorker, Samuel Arbesman discusses why large corporations are outsourcing their customer service functions 34 . Wired Magazine reports on why you shouldn't choose your career based on what you're interested in 35 . Inc Magazine looks at how to handle cold calls, or "cold canvassing," which is among the most dreaded tasks that come with new technology Source: WSJ 40.2(click to enlarge).
41. Beyond Call Center
42. Call Center Supervisor's Handbook: A Guide to the Ultimate Work-Life Balance and Job Security
43. Call Center Supervisor's Handbook: Developing Human Resources Skills for the Front Line of Persuasion
44. DirectEmployers
45. Fortune Small Business
46. FlexJobs Career Opportunities Blog – FlexJobs
47. Monster – Job Search Results (Monster) Source: Monster Jobs(click to enlarge). 48. Monster – Candidate Profile Builder (Monster). Use this handy tool to build a top-notch resume and reduce your chances of being passed over during the interview process 49 . Monster – Free Resume Service (Monster). Customize your resume and cover letter with this free service, which can then be downloaded and sent to employers 50 . Monster – Career Advice (Monster). Get tips on landing a job and succeeding once you've been hired 51 . Monster – Job Trends (Monster). Find out how the job market is shifting, what jobs are growing in popularity, and which fields are in decline 52 . career fairs. Browse by industry. Search by city or zip code. You'll find plenty of call center jobs 53 . National Association for Business Resources (NABR)
54. PRWeb
55. Randstad Blog
56. Seek Learning Center – Fortune 500 Company Career Tests
57. TalentTalk Blog
59. USA Today's Career Center
60. Warehousers
61. Workforce Central – Main Blogs
62. Workforce Central – Blogs on Social Media and Mobile Applications (Workforce Central) Source: Workforce Central: Main Blogs(click to enlarge). 63. WorkforceCentral – Blogs and News (WorkforceCentral) Source: WorkForceCentral 70 . Yahoo! Jobs Home Page (Yahoo!) Source: 70.-- Yahoo! Jobs Home Page(click to enlarge)(For more blogs, click the Search button, then click "search by tag." Then type in the search text "(jobs)."-- 70.) 80 . America's Job Bank (AmericasJobs) 87 . Atomic Learning (Atomic Learning) Source: Atomic Learning(click to enlarge). 88 . CareerBuilder Job Search Results (CareerBuilder)
89. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission 91 . H-1B Resource Center – U.S. Department of Labor's Employment and Training Administration 93 . JobMob Source: JobMob 94 . Monster – Job Search Results (Monster) Source: Monster Jobs(click to enlarge). 104 . O*NET Online 105 . Social Intelligence (Social Intelligence) Source: Social Intelligence(click to enlarge). 106 . The National Association of Colleges and Employers
107. The Wall Street Journal
108. ZipRecruiter _________________________________________________________________________________ Photo credit: stockimages at _________________________________________________________________________________ About the author: Jodie Fisher is a freelance writer and researcher, and a project manager at Third Wave Media. Her interests include mobile technology, human resources, social media marketing, and customer service. She writes for a number of websites, including,, , CareerBuilder Job Search Results , CareerPages , WorkInCalls , BusinessInsider , Work in Calls .com . She has also contributed articles to BizBloggers .com , HuddleGroupNews .com , SocialMediaBriefings .com and Workforce Central . Jodie holds a bachelor's degree in communication from Auburn University Montgomery.

Conclusion You've been searching and searching for where to find the best call center jobs. You've scoured the Internet, read hundreds of articles, attended career fairs and interviews. You've been searching and searching for a call center job that fits your skill set and interests. You've scoured the Internet, read hundreds of articles, attended career fairs and interviewed with over 500 companies in-person. And now you're at the end of your rope…why can't you find a job that could fit your needs? The reason why is because most people have very little idea what they are looking for when it comes to a call center job.

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