Fall Safety and Small Business


 Fall Safety and Small Business

In Fall we often take time to spend with family and friends. But during this season it is more important than ever for small business owners to stay safe. Here are some easy tips that can help you avoid a tragedy this fall.

-Remember areas with low light, leaves, or deep shadows are where most thieves are hiding to take advantage of unsuspecting victims. Check carefully before entering any secluded place on the job site. 
-If you see someone roaming around your property or if they ask you for directions, call 9-1-1 and always be alert of your surroundings when at work or when traveling in public places.
-Do not leave your business unattended and always lock your business door when you are away or if you are on location.  If someone tries to get in, threatening to call 9-1-1 will get them to back off.
-Be aware of all the dangers of a portable tripod that may fall down, trip a worker, or break in your business.
-Make sure displays you have going up on your shop wall are secured and secured by means small enough for people who are shorter than 6 feet (2 meters) tall.
-Make sure to have all your cords and cables safely out of the way. Cords that are running through an area where they could be tripped over by a customer or an employee will cause accidents.
-Use caution when running cords across walkways and make sure that they aren't in the way of people walking through their business, including employees. 
-If you are using a ladder, make sure it is locked in place before you step on it to ensure it won't slide out from under you.
-All ladders should be properly secured at all times to avoid them tipping over when someone is on top of them. 
-Using a handheld tool or having a walking stick to help with mobility is recommended for anyone who has problems moving around. 
-Building codes also state that all floors in a building should have at least one step to prevent someone from falling down.
-If you have stairs, make sure that they aren't slippery, especially on the bottom of the steps. 
-The average healthy adult can swim 200 yards (183 meters) without drowning. However, children under the age of 15 can only swim 50 yards (46 meters) unassisted before they become exhausted and drown. Knowing this and always taking care of your employees' swimming abilities will help prevent accidents this fall.
-Ensure that tents you are using are securely fastened and have a backup plan in case of a wind storm or bad weather.
-Always make sure that there is someone on-site with a cell phone or other means of communication to be able to quickly report an accident to 9-1-1.
-If you are working with children, you should never underestimate how dangerous the playground can be when 50 percent of all playgrounds in the US have been replaced with metal slides, nets, and other play equipment since 1990.
-If you have any chemicals in your building, make sure they are stored in a secure location so they don't create a hazard for anyone.
-Ensure that all trash cans are emptied regularly and that the contents are disposed of immediately.
-Try to keep your property neat and clean if possible so you can avoid the chance of a pest infestation in your business.
-Make sure any chemicals that you use in your work environment are handled with care so they do not cause undue harm to people or their surroundings.
-Keep all tools and equipment organized so that there is no chance for anyone to tripping over them or causing someone to fall off them.
-Ensure that all electrical items are tested regularly and that they are not dropped into water or anything else. 
-Make sure to clean up any debris and avoid creating a tripping hazard.
-Make sure that your employees wear the correct shoes and clothing so they don't have problems walking around on your property. 
-Anywhere your business serves food or drinks, make sure to keep a first aid kit in a secure place for easy access and where it will not be knocked over in the case of an accident.
-If you have a swimming pool, ensure that the fencing around it is locked at all times to keep children from wandering off if you can't watch them at all times.
-Ensure that you store harmful chemicals and products in a secure, locked area to prevent an accident from occurring.
-When using power tools, ensure that you never leave them unattended when you are working on them.
-If you have a water line for your business, make sure it is properly capped off so no one falls or falls in your property's water supply.
-Make sure that all extension cords are placed neatly away underneath things or behind walls to avoid someone tripping over them. 
-Be aware of any flames, sparks, or hot surfaces around your business at all times so no one gets hurt. 
-Make sure that all weather equipment is properly secured and stored to prevent anyone from being harmed by it.
-Ensure that you have a safe storage area for any chemicals or anything else you keep in your business. 
-Make sure that the storage area is secure and can't be easily accessed by someone who should not be able to get through it.
-Be aware of children or pets while working on a ladder if they could access it or try to climb up it even though you are securing it from the ground. Even if you have to step back down, make sure you know exactly where each person is at all times when using a ladder.
-Be aware of any hazards or tripping hazards outside of your business that could cause an accident.
-Make sure all power tools are tested before using them and have a plan in place in case a fire or electrical problem happens.
-Always be aware of the electrical cords you are using to ensure they don't create trip ups for you or anyone else around your building.
-Be careful when using ladders and keep a good hold on them at all times so you don't fall off or have someone push you off of one. 
-Using Shop Vacuums that aren't electric should be kept away from flammable materials as they may cause a fire. 
-Never use a circular saw on any type of wood, as this can cause serious injuries if you cut into a large area.
-If you are working in an open area with a lot of traffic and people around, make sure you wear gloves when using harsh chemicals or cleaning your business. 
-Always wear eye protection when using power tools.
-When using a drill, keep the drill entirely by your side at all times to prevent anyone from falling into it and getting injured. 
-Never stand on any pieces of lumber or boards that aren't completely secured to the ground because they could cause you to fall and injure yourself or someone else around you that is standing on them as well.

Safety is always a priority when working at any type of job, especially if you are using dangerous equipment or working with other people. By following these safety tips, you can limit the chance of accidents occurring or causing harm to anyone involved in your project. It may seem like a lot at first, but after you do it a few times and schedule it in as part of your regular routine, it becomes easier to remember each tip and do as needed for each situation that occurs during the course of your workday. It's better to be safe than sorry!

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