Entertainment Sources


 Entertainment Sources

If you are someone who likes to have a variety of sources of entertainment at hand, then the following list is going to be very valuable for you. There are tons of sources out there for you to find what kind of entertainment that suits your needs. The list below has multiple websites and different ways in which these sites can be utilized by people from all walks of life. This includes a plethora of news sources, websites that offer customized programming, and more!

This article will list 37 diverse online sources which provide a wide selection in terms of quality and diversity. Some might not be considered 'fun' because they're too dry or serious but others may actually provide an escape from reality for the reader. Some of these sources are free while others require a subscription to use.

An online source might be something you've never thought of using before, but it's really worth checking out if you're looking for something different. You never know where your next favorite show or movie might be hiding!

*Note: Many sites (especially the news ones) feature advertisements, so if you get popups or other ads when visiting them and want to avoid them in the future, try ad blocking software such as Ublock Origin or Adblock Plus. They will keep ads at bay, though they will also block any useful elements on a site such as images quite often.

The following sites come in a wide variety for different tastes in content and style. The idea is to expose you to sources that you might not have ever heard of before and to help you find what entertains you the most!

Video Sites:

AnyClip.com: The idea here is to offer videos from some top sources around the web, but organized into more of a video library than say, YouTube or Vimeo. It's not only for watching purposes either; you can actually download any video for viewing offline and even make playlists for easier access later on. It also comes with a browser extension so that clips can be watched directly on any webpage.

Bambuser.com: This site is a bit different from what you might be used to, but it offers live streaming of professional events or even your own personal recordings that you can then broadcast to others in real time. If a friend is watching the game and you want to watch with them, this is one way to do it.

DailyMotion.com: This site combines a social networking element with video sharing and is similar to Facebook in many aspects as well. It has over 100 million users and allows for high definition videos on the website along with an easy-to-use interface overall.

Facebook.com: This is massive in terms of social media, with over 1/2 a billion people using it to interact on a daily basis. It also comes with some powerful tools for expanding your fan base and it's very helpful for looking for trending topics as well.

Entertainment Sites:

Rotten Tomatoes: This site has an aggregated average rating based on user reviews, making it an easy place to look at when you're looking to find some new movies or TV shows to watch. They even offer up trailers in their database so that you can get an idea of what this movie might be like before watching the actual film itself.

Netflix.com: This is the largest online entertainment site in the world, with over 65 million members in over 190 countries who use it to stream movies and television shows online. The site covers a variety of genres and allows you to skip through the commercials if you want to.

IMDb: This website is great for finding out what's new on TV or even finding out details about some of your favorite actors or actresses to see what else they have been apart of over time. You can search from the main page or by typing in an actor's first name or last name if you know it.

YouTube: This is a multi-platform site, but the main focus is on video streaming and watching videos online. They don't have a strict limit on how many ads they show most of the time, so you'll often see them pop up as you're watching something.

BlipTV.com: This is another great example of a website that more commonly focuses on video clips and entertainment; they even offer original content! Users can upload their own television shows, movies and music videos to the site as well to share with others.

TubiTV.com: A similar service in many ways to BlipTV, this is a paid site that totals over 20,000 movies and television shows in its database. You get to watch them for free on the website, but you can also pay extra for fast streaming speeds and unlimited downloads on any of the content.

FindAnyFilm.com: This site is another great way to watch movies or television shows online for free, with over 100,000 titles offered up in the database tab. The service allows videos to be streamed directly or downloaded for later viewing if needed.

Crackle.com: Crackle is actually a website that's jointly owned by Sony and YouTube, which means that it offers free streaming of both new and old TV shows, in addition to movies. The site has been around for some time now, with millions of users having already watched the content on this website.

IMBD: This site is great for finding out what's new on TV or even finding out details about some of your favorite actors or actresses to see what else they have been apart of over time. You can search from the main page or by typing in an actor's first name or last name if you know it.

Other Sites:

MySpace.com: This is a once popular social networking site, which is now a bit less popular than it used to be. It's still used by the younger generation of today, however, and contains a huge database of user-generated content with pictures and videos that are shared constantly online.


Amazon.com: I'm sure most of you have heard of this website for its sales of so many different things across all types of products. It's huge in the world as a whole and its first line of business is sales as well as e-books in particular, which it offers up in an easy-to-use format.

Barnes and Noble: This is the largest bookstore chain in the world and it has been around for many years. Like Amazon, it provides a site that you can use to buy books online and read them in their electronic format if you want to get away from paper.

Kobo.com: Kobo is another popular e-book service, though it is more like Amazon in that they offer their own brand of ebook reader to purchase as well. However, they do offer reading apps for almost every device available today from smartphones to tablets and more.


Hopefully, we've given you some places to check out if you're looking to get the best possible entertainment experience in your down time. We know that we spend a lot of time watching things on the internet and with so many options available to us, it can make it hard to figure out what's worth checking out.

Doing this will allow you to find that perfect media source for online video streaming, whether it's for news or for your own personal entertainment. You also have other options such as whether or not you want to create your own content, which is one way that you can get the most from what's currently available in the market today.

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