Easy Fundraising Ideas


 Easy Fundraising Ideas

These days, fundraising is not limited to just for-profit companies and charities. In fact, these days there are websites like Kickstarter where individuals can give donations to other individuals to help out with a project or goal. Even if you don't have something that needs funding, it may still be possible for someone else's cause! You can also work on behalf of non-profits and see how easy fundraising really is. If you don't have time to be a part of these groups, you can still find other ways of getting involved. For instance, you could get an extension cord and create a teddy bear out of it. This will be especially helpful if you are organizing a charitable event. You could then take the teddy bear along with your children and hand them out in the crowd. Once they are given out, they can be reused and recycled! Once you have seen the possibilities of fundraising, why not give it a try?
Relevant Advice: Don't Just Give Money Away
By now, I'm sure that many people know about the California drought and its devastating effects on water resources projects all over California. While people are taking extreme measures to help with the drought, you could also consider donating money to a charity that is involved in water conservation. The California Park and Recreation Department (CPRD), for instance, works towards expanding parks and projects that would help water conservation. Every dollar you donate will support the work done by CPRD, which will help the state in no time.
Relevant Advice: Give Back To Your Community
Find out what your local community needs most. Once you know this, it will be easier to match up your passion with the cause. If you were passionate about animals, then one of your goals could be to give back to orphanages or animal shelters. From there, you could start small and hand out animal formula cans to homeless shelters. As you continue to make these donations, you could even broaden your scope and work towards creating large-scale donations.
In order to really make the most of these tips, it would probably be best if you think of a few ways in which you can match your skills with the needs of the community. Remember that there is more than one way to give back. Here are a few suggestions that you can do, depending on what skills you have:
1. Volunteer with Non-Profits for Free
If you have experience in writing or editing, then all it would take is spending a few hours at an organization such as CaringVoices. This organization works towards making sure that people are given a voice in social issues and civil rights issues. You could offer your writing services by helping to edit the various newspapers and magazines that they publish. If you know how to use social media, then you could help them post updates and give feedback to the public through various posts on their website and Facebook page. 
2. Teach Kids
Teaching kids is a way to really give back to your community and teach them the importance of giving back. If you have experience in tutoring, then this could be the perfect opportunity for you to teach children about English and math for free. You could also help with their homework by giving them advice on their studies and grammar. Just make sure that you limit your tutoring sessions to an hour or two a week, so that you can maintain a balance in your life!
3. Use Your Computer Skills
Your computer skills may not help you in terms of strengthening your resume and getting a job, but it will definitely be helpful to those who need your services. If you have experience in creating websites, then you could offer to create a website for non-profit organizations and schools. You could ask them what they are trying to achieve and then offer them the website that would help them with that. There is also the option of creating online stores for them as well. Instead of charging money for your time, however, consider making donations instead which would be used towards the community!
4. Play an Instrument
Music has always called people since the beginning of time and there are more than enough ways to share your gift with others. You could start by making your own music and then donate the profits of your song to a charity or non-profit organization. You could also offer your services to some non-profit organizations in town and hold performances on a monthly basis where the money that is made goes towards their cause. If you are really skilled, there may even be schools who would be willing to pay you in exchange for performing!
5. Offer Your Caregiving Skills
If you have experience in taking care of children, then all it would take is giving it back to the community. Many families are looking for babysitters and nannies who can help them out. This offers you the perfect opportunity to take care of other people's children for free and put your skills to good use instead. You can also help out with the housework by taking their children along with you to work and allowing them to play with your pets as well.
6. Sew for Others
Sewing is an important part of clothing so there are always people who need someone who can sew. You could offer your services to charities or non-profits or ask them what they need from you. You could then get an old coat or shirt of yours and make it into a dress, a shawl, or whatever they want it made into!
7. Donate Food to Those in Need
Not only does donating food help to keep the community food in stock, but you will also be doing a lot of good with your time. Whether you are able to organize a large-scale donation or hand out food on a regular basis, every donation counts and can help to feed many people. There are many organizations and charities who would love to get your donations and they will make sure that your food is taken care of properly. If there are still some leftovers after the event, then you can put it into a vacuum sealed bag or a Tupperware container and then donate it on your next shopping trip!
8. Offer Your Personal Services
If you have experience in delivering messages, then you could help people by delivering messages to them. There are many people who do not have a landline and need to be contacted on the phone. With your personal and reliable service, they would be able to reach their loved ones easily. You could also do something similar for fathers who need help with their children on a regular basis!


These are just a few ways that you can use to help people, whether you are already living in America or not. These tips may not be the same as the ones that you were originally looking for, but they may work perfectly well for what you were aiming for! If there is anything else that you would like to add, please leave a comment and let us know.
" In order to really make the most of these tips, it would probably be best if you think of a few ways in which you can match your skills with the needs of the community. Remember that there is more than one way to give back.

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