Dubai Gives Up on US Ports


 Dubai Gives Up on US Ports

As a result of the US's withdrawal from signing the Transpacific Partnership or TPP, Dubai Ports World has decided to back out of its proposed acquisition of 6 US ports.

In 2006, the Bush Administration signed a contract for Dubai Ports World to take over operations for these ports. However, this decision was met with intense criticism from politicians and commentators who feared that Dubai would use these ports to transfer nuclear material or provide other illicit networks a way into the country.

In a statement released by the company, it is clear that Dubai Ports World understands its decision to be a result of the negative reception of this deal.
"Despite our best efforts to present a balanced viewpoint, it has become clear that political considerations have taken precedence over the long-term interest of the United States"
Just last month, Bush's successor Barack Obama announced that he would not make any definitive decisions on this deal until his administration was able to investigate further. The US government also stated that it would allow one week for other companies to challenge Dubai Ports World's purchase and attempt to acquire these ports themselves.

However, the announcement by Dubai Ports World makes it clear that the controversy surrounding this deal is not likely to die down. The British government has already asked the UK's ports authority to investigate and consider the possibility of rejecting a similar deal.

The US government has already made clear that it wishes to reduce its reliance on Middle Eastern oil in order to have more energy independence. However, as long as Dubai Ports Worlds' deal is recovering from scrutiny, this goal may be impossible to achieve. [ARTICLE END]

Here's another one:

That's the BBC.
The first is this gem:
Reform Party leader Lord Ashcroft has called on the Government to persist with its "totally misconceived" conflict with Port of Dubai and to grant a licence for the new port terminal before the summer recess.
He said it was an economic and political "fatal error". - BBC News Online, June 27, 2006

That happens in Dubai where you can be arrested for criticising corruption or sex if you're a blogger and charged with "dissemination of false information". It's all explained here: When will we be free?

We have a government that is hyper-dependent on United Arab Emirates (UAE) oil and there have been talks over a partnership between the UK and UAE but that was given up when I was in power. It's now back on the table again.
The Labour Party website has even been taken down as they were too embarrassed to put it up: .

Pearson was basically asking for approval to be able to take my company down. What he got instead was a turd sandwich.

This is an insult to the memory of the dead that are still dying and their sorrowful families that have been left behind with nothing but heartache and grief.”

This is a major reason why we cannot have a British colonial presence in Iraq. We need to leave now!

They are not doing enough to allow the Iraqi people to discover their true potential, but this is an election year, and so what I have said will probably be forgotten by the time it is June 2006.

This would be a crime against humanity under the Geneva conventions if it was done in Iraq or anywhere else in the world and we knew about it. I feel like we are all the silent witnesses to a great injustice. We can do better than this. Let's do it for all the dead people of Iraq who were killed by our own hand and for ourselves as well.

This is a regretful story that was written by the people of Iraq, not by me. It is a story that will have many other chapters like it. It is a shame that it wasn't written differently because its last chapter has already been written and it is not a happy ending.

It's funny that I had to escape from Dubai to make sure my book was published in London without interference from anyone else. It's all on the Internet.

Dubai, the only place in the world where you can be arrested for criticising corruption or sex if you're a blogger and charged with "dissemination of false information". It's all explained here: When will we be free?

"It is a crime against humanity under the Geneva conventions and we can do better than this." These are pearl words from our own President Bush who has sent nearly 4,000 soldiers to die in Iraq to do nothing but create more hatred in that country. We are sending our soldiers and money there for nothing.
Newsweek is so corrupted to be allowed to write a story like that. Where is the compassion and the love in this place? It's just a sad, miserable place where I'm sure many people have taken their lives in despair because of it all.
We are not free people, as I can tell you from personal experience in Dubai, imprisonment for being critical of government corruption!
However, this will change soon if enough of us speak out loud and long enough.


Saddam Hussein was a hot topic for the media. Those who were against him wrote about his reign of terror, and those who supported him wrote about his so called “crimes” against Iraq. They used the media in America to spread their message across the country. But when hard facts on Hussein’s presidency became more widely known, many people began to change their minds on what they felt about him. His image improved with time; he was seen as a victim of an unjust war waged by America, and as someone fighting for his country’s sovereignty.
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